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Week beginning 4.5.20

Dear Dahl Class, 


Hope you are all well. The Purple Mash 2Dos have been brilliant. Well done to everyone who had a go. Last week I asked you to find some minibeasts outside. I saw a huge worm in my garden, I think it likes lots of rain!

Remember to check Purple Mash for some more 2Dos. 

Please do not feel that you have to complete all of these activities. I have tried to put a range of things so there is something for everyone to do to keep busy!

Keep using BBC Bitesize resources



This week I would like you to find out about VE day which our country is celebrating next Friday 8th May. 

Can you decorate a front window to celebrate VE day? You could make flags or bunting to hang up. 

You could also design a medal for VE day (See link below) 



1. Read the text about VE day and answer the questions. You can write the questions in your book. There are 3 levels to choose from so ask a grown up to help you choose the right level. (See link below)

2. Write a diary for someone celebrating VE day with a street party (See link below). 

3. Spell words with -el. Learn the words and ask a grown up to test you. Use the Spelling booklet link for ideas about how to practise your spellings. Make sure you know the meaning of these words. (See link below) 

              camel   tunnel  squirrel  travel  towel  tinsel  bagel  hazel  vowel  jewel

4. Choose 5 of the words to write in 5 sentences. Always remember full stops and capital letters. Challenge yourself to use adjectives and conjunctions to make a super sentence!



1. Complete the Spring themed pictogram sheet. You can draw it in your book if you don't have a printer. (see link below)

2. Complete the Missing number to 20 sheet. You can write the calculations in your book. Use small objects to help you. (see link below)

3. Play this game to practise addition and subtraction- Target  

Skill to be learnt:  To use the vocabulary of addition and subtraction.
What you will need: number cards to 10 or playing cards Ace to 10, paper, pen
How to play: Players start with 0. They take turns to pick a card, choose whether to add or take away the number. First to make exactly 20 wins.
Talk points: Model strategies for adding and subtracting (e.g. counting on or back from the number you have, using a number line or objects to support with counting). 
4. Try the arithmetic paper. (see link below) 

5. You could have a look at White Rose Maths Year 2