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Always Learning and Achieving Together

Week beginning 30.3.20

Hello Dahl class, 

I hope everyone is getting used to being at home and you are able to enjoy some sunshine. Thank you for the people who have emailed me on Purple Mash to share their learning, I have loved to hear from you and I really miss seeing you all. Please try to complete some learning at home but remember it is also good to try other things such as cooking, playing games, art and craft, exercise etc.  I have been trying the Joe Wicks P.E session every morning with my children!



Keep reading as much as you can.

You might want to have a look at these free ebooks. You can even choose the book band colour that you are on. 


1. Go outside and look for signs of spring. Can you describe what you see using expanded noun phrases? e.g 'The bright, yellow daffodil'  'a pink, wiggly worm'. 

2. On Purple Mash complete the 'Spring factfile' . I have set this as a 2Do. Choose 5 things to write about spring. Remember to use those expanded noun phrases. If you don't want to do this on the computer you can write it in your green exercise book. 

3. Choose 10 words from the Y1 and 2 Common Exception words that you find trickiest to spell. Write these words out and draw on the sound buttons. Look for the 'tricky' bit in the word.  Practise these words and ask a grown up to test you.



1. Last week you practised telling the time for o'clock and half past times. This week try to learn quarter past and quarter to. Complete the sheet. You can write the times in your green exercise book. 

2. On Purple Mash play Number Race to practise addition to 20. I have set this as a 2Do. 

3. Choose a maths challenge to try...

Year 1 and Year 2 Tricky words

o'clock, half past, quarter past