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Always Learning and Achieving Together

Week beginning 29.6.20

Dear Dahl class, 

I hope you are all trying hard to do some Home Learning. I was really impressed to see photos of Noah's chocolate cakes that he had made. They looked delicious. Chace also emailed some great spelling and writing learning that he has been doing. It was so lovely to hear from you both. Remember you can also send me a message on Purple Mash. I understand that it's really tough to keep going with the Home Learning but there are only 3 weeks left until the end of term. Keep it up! 

Please have a go at some of the activities this week. Remember to look at Purple Mash and Numbots or Times Table Rockstars. Most importantly - keep reading!



1. Read the story of The Magic Box with an adult. Complete the activities up to the end of p9. (See link below)

2. Practise these spellings. Use the ideas in the spelling booklet to help you. (see link below) 

November   December   after   past   hour   half   minute   quarter   month   second 

3. Write a sentence using each of your spelling words. Remember to put a full stop and a capital letter. 

4. Write a letter to Mrs Cooper or Mrs Coleman. Tell us all about what you have been doing at home and how you feel about coming back to school. You can drop your letter into the school office. We would love to hear from you! 

5. Have a look at BBC Bitesize English for this week, especially Wednesday and Thursday's lessons. 

6. Continue to read as much as you can and sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge. 



1. Complete the White Rose Maths learning about Mass and Capacity. Also check out BBC Bitesize as there will be additional videos and resources to support this learning. (See links for video and worksheets below.) 

2. Look in the kitchen cupboards to find the mass of different food items. Record the mass of 10 items. Can you put them in order from the lightest to the heaviest? Do you have anything that weighs more that 1kg? 

3. Make a summer juice drink. Choose some different juices or squash to make a fruit drink. Use a measuring jug or spoons to measure the liquid in millilitres. Write the recipe for your juicy drink. Remember to use (ml) for millilitres. 

4. Practise your calculation skills. Answer the arithmetic questions. You can write the questions in your book. 

5. Have a go at solving a tricky maths problem on BBC Bitesize on Friday. 


Have a good week.