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Always Learning and Achieving Together

Week beginning 27.4.20

Dear Dahl class, 

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me on Purple Mash. I have really loved hearing from you. I am very impressed with the lovely St George and the Dragon pictures which people completed on Purple Mash. Well done, it is great to see some of the learning you have been doing.

Remember to check Purple Mash for more 2Dos.

Keep playing Numbots or Times Table Rockstars. 

Keep using BBC Bitesize resources.

Most importantly, read as much as you can. 



If we were at school this term we were going to learn about Living Things and Habitats. So I would like you to do some learning linked to this topic. Have a look at the knowledge organiser to start learning some of the key vocabulary. You might also want to see if you can find some minibeasts outside. Where is the best place to find them?



1. Read the text about Minibeasts and try to answer the questions. There are 3 levels, ask a grown up to help you choose the right level for you. (See link below) 

2. Choose a minibeast and find out as much as you can about it. 

3. Write a fact file about your chosen minibeast. (See link below)

4. Can you write the alphabet? Try to think of a minibeast or living thing for each letter of the alphabet. 

5. Spell words with -le and . Learn your words and ask a grown up to test you. Use the spelling booklet link for ideas about  how to practise your spellings. (see link - complete week 1) 

    table,  apple,  bottle,  wobble,  middle, able, multiple, little, dazzle, riddle


1.  Complete the tally chart and pictogram. You can draw the tally and pictogram into your book if you do not have a printer. (See link below) 

2. Try and make your own tally chart and pictogram - perhaps you can count the cars in your street or the numbers rolled on a dice.

3. Write 5 questions to ask someone about your pictogram. 

4. Complete the arithmetic paper.

5. Have a look at White Rose Learning. Year 2