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Always Learning and Achieving Together

Week beginning 25.5.20

Dear Dahl class, 


Happy Half Term! 

We will not be setting any formal home learning this week but would like you to have a relaxing time with your family. Enjoy spending time together and getting outside in the sunshine. 


If you would like some ideas of possible activities....

Write a letter to an older relative or family friend. 
Enjoy an indoor or garden picnic. 
Take part in a garden wildlife survey 
Create a treasure map for the garden/ house including writing instructions. 
Write your own story and turn it into a book complete with illustrations and a front and back cover. 
Create a fitness or agility circuit in your garden and get your family to have a go. 
Invent a new indoor or garden game to play with your family and write the rules. 
Write your own joke book. 
Try some planting activities. You could plant some seeds in a flowerpot filled with soil. Make sure to give them some water and put them somewhere sunny. 
Design a board game with a Summer theme. 
Organise a restaurant in your home. Could you cook a meal or bake something for your family to share? Make a menu to tempt your customers.  
Facetime or video call a friend or member of your family that you have not seen this week - get some jokes ready to tell them so you all have a great giggle together. Maybe you could read a story to each other on your call. 
Make a den in your house or in the garden using fabric, cushions etc. 
Ask your parents if you can use a phone, tablet or camera to take photos when you are next out on a walk or out in the garden.  
How many times can you throw and catch a ball or beanbag with a family member without stopping? You could even use a pairs of balled up socks if you don’t have a ball! 
Design your own superhero complete with superpowers and costume. 
Make musical instruments out of things you can find in the house. 
Join with a BBC Supermovers video or follow an Oti Mabuse kids’ dance class online.