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Always Learning and Achieving Together

Week beginning 23.3.20


1. Write 5 questions to ask a friend. Remember to use a question mark at the end.


2. Use Purple Mash to email your questions to your friend.

Go to  Tools > 2Email > Address book > Choose who to email > Write your message and click ‘Send’.


3. Practice spelling the Year 1 and 2 Common Exception words. How many can you spell correctly in 3 minutes?


4. Look at this picture. 

  • Where are the girl and the dragon? What can they see from this place? What are they looking at?
  • Why are they here?
  • Are they friends? Does the girl own the dragon as a pet? Or does the dragon own the girl as its pet?
  • What species of dragon do you think it is? Is it friendly?
  • Does anyone else know that they’re up here? What might other people say about their friendship?
  • Give this picture a new title. 
  • Write about the adventures of the girl and the dragon.



1. Practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.  Try ‘Super Movers’ Counting in 2s.

2. Practise telling the time o'clock and half past. Record in your book what happens at different times of the day.. 

3. Try to complete the Arithmetic paper. Record your answers in your green book.

4. Play Total to 10 game. You will need a pack of cards. Lay out 20 cards on the table (leave out picture cards or change them to equal 0, while aces equal. Remove sets of cards that add up to 10, ultimately trying to remove all the cards from the table. You can pick up more than 2 cards. 

5. Have a look at White Rose Home Learning to revise our fraction learning.