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Always Learning and Achieving Together

week beginning 20th April

Good morning Fox class 


Hope everyone is safe and keeping well.  


It has been strange being in school with only a few of you, but I'm hoping everyone is enjoying the sunshine we've been having and staying safe at home.  


If you have internet access at home I can highly recommend BBC bitesize video clips and lessons to share with your children.  These have been subdivided into key phases so with KS1 yr1 and 2 clips are together.  


Some activities for you to try at home this week: 


Phonics/Key words: 

Please practice your sounds every day using the sounds mats I sent home in the home learning pack.  Can you pick a phoneme and make a list of 5 words that have that sound in? 

Pick 3 words a day and see if you can find them in a book you have or make the word using magnetic letters/chalk etc. 



Please continue to share a book with a grown up every day,  keep up that love of reading.  

For a bedtime story we now have quite a few in the video section of the school website.  For a variety of other bedtime stories have a wide variety on their cbeebies iPlayer. 



Please can the children keep a little diary using their exercise book with their favourite thing they have done each day.  Maybe they can add a picture or photo .  A few sentences each day would be great.  

Remember children:

Capital letters for the start of each sentence, for peoples names, places, days of the week and months of the year. 

Finger spaces between words 

A full stop at the end of every sentence. 



Addition and subtraction : How many addition and subtraction facts can you find up to 20? e.g.

6 + 8 = 14

8 + 6 = 14

14 - 6 = 8 

14 - 8 = 6 

These are called a 'fact family' because once you know 1 number fact you also know 3 others.  



Whilst on your daily walk or in your garden if you have one, take a look at the different spring trees/flowers you can see.  Can you name them? Maybe take some photos or draw / paint them to create some spring art. 



Although we having to stay safe at home and aren't able to go to the seaside, the weather has been lovely and sunny. 

Can you make a mini beach scene? Maybe you can use paint/crayon/felt tips/tissue paper or any other resources you have at home. 

This week it is St George's day - can you find our 3 facts about St George and why he is the patron saint of England?


I would love to see some photos of your finished creations so please email them to school and we can share some on the website.  


Take care, stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all when it is safe for us all to be back together in school 


Mrs Whitlock