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Week beginning 16.3.20

English tasks


1. Look at some books or newspapers. How many words can you find with the -ing suffix?

2. Practice spelling these -ing words  trying, flying, crying, copying, replying. 

3. Write some sentences using your spelling words. Remember full stops and capital letters. 

4. Think about our class story 'The boy who grew dragons'. Write a story about what would happen if you had a pet dragon. Remember to use expanded noun phrases, conjunctions and adverbs. You could draw a story map first to organise your ideas. 

5. Look at the Year 1 and 2 Common Exception words. How many can you read and spell? 

Maths tasks

1. This week we have been measuring length using cm and m. Find objects to measure at home. How tall are you?

2. Practice using a ruler to draw lines of different lengths. 

3. Make some flashcards to see how quickly you can remember the pairs of numbers that make 10 or 20

3. Try to complete as much of the arithmetic paper as you can. Remember to draw pictures to help you. You do not need to print this. Write the calculation and the answer in your book.