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Week beginning 13.7.20

Dear Dahl Class,


We've finally reached the last full week of the school year, what a strange year it has been! Well done to those of you who have been able to keep up with the home learning. This will be the last online learning from me and I hope that you all have a lovely summer holiday and come back to school in September ready for some exciting new adventures. This week you will find out who your teacher in Year 3 will be and hopefully lots of you will come to school on Tuesday 21st July to see your new classroom and to meet your new teacher. I will look out for you too as I am looking forward to saying 'hello'! 



1. This week I would like you to write a letter to your new teacher. To help you think about what to put in your letter complete the 'All About Me flower' sheet. If you are unable to print this you can answer the questions in your green book. (see link below).

2. Write a letter to your new teacher. Think about how to set out your letter. Remember to put lots of information about you so that your new teacher can get to know you quickly. You can also draw a picture of you so that your new teacher can recognise you!  You can bring this letter to school with you on Tuesday 21st July. 

3. Check that you can spell all the words on the Year 1 and 2 spelling list. Make flashcards for the words that are tricky and practise these over the summer holiday. (see link below) 

4. Keep reading as much as you can and working towards completing the Summer Reading challenge. 



1. Complete the White Rose learning about telling the time. You can also check out BBC Bitesize for some extra support with this learning. (see links below)

2. See what you can do in one minute. Ask an adult to time you using a timer. You could take it in turns and see who can do the most in 1 minute. (see link below)

3. Practice telling the time, use the sheets below for extra practise. (see link below)

4. Log on to Numbots or Times Table Rockstars. I will be looking at your scores at the end of the week. 



Have a look at these resources to remind us how to keep safe around water. 


I hope to see lots of you next week. Take care!