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w/c June 22nd

Good morning 


We hope you are all keeping safe and well. 


This week will be having a pirate week.  Our class book is called 'The Night Pirates' by Peter Harris.  





Please keep practicing the phase 5 sounds. 

We will be continuing to focus on the split digraphs a_e / e_e / i_e / o_e & u_e


Key words: 

This week will be carrying out a spelling assessment on all the year 1 common exception word spellings. 

If you are learning from home please take a group of words each day from the list as see if you can spell them. 


Writing : This week we will be: 

Monday: Labeling a picture of traditional pirate ship 

Tuesday: Character description of a pirate captain

Wednesday: Expanded noun phrases - describing pirate items as captions e.g. "The glittering, shimmering treasure"

Thursday: Making a wanted poster for a pirate 

Friday : Making and labeling a treasure map



Our focus in Maths this week will be on place value.  Knowing how numbers are made up.  e.g. the number 17 is 1 group of 10 and 7 ones.  We will be using numicon and Denes apparatus to help us.  If you are learning at home you could use groups of pasta or counters to help you. 

Monday : Counting to 100 and making our own 100 squares 

Tuesday : Partitioning numbers into 10's and 1's e.g. 25 is 2 lots of 10 and 5 ones.  

Wednesday : Comparing numbers using the words and symbols of greater than / less than and the same as.  

Thursday: Comparing numbers using 10's and 1's. 

Friday : Problem solving


Topic work 

This week we will be making pirate hats, telescopes, split pin skeletons and going on a treasure hunt around the grounds. 

If you are learning at home can you make some pirate related items such as hat, eye patch or sword.  We would love to see  some photos of your pirate fun.  


Have a great week 

Mrs Whitlock, Mrs Webb and Miss Reeves