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w/c June 15th

Good Morning 


We are welcoming a few more members of year 1 back into Pink bubble today. we hope they enjoy being back at school with their friends and we will make sure there are times to wave and say hello to our yr1 friends who are in Blue bubble. 


This week will be an ocean theme.


In English we will be reading 'The Rainbow Fish' set of stories. 

We will be writing a postcard from our favourite sea side town

We will writing a fact sheet about an ocean creature remembering our capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 

We will be writing some acrostic poem with a 'sealife theme'.

We will also be creating a fact sheet about ourselves and what makes us unique and special just like the Rainbow fish.  



Please continue to practice the sounds and tricky words daily at home.

This week we will be focusing on the split digraphs, one per day. 

a_e: cake / make / snake 

e_e:  even 

i_e: kite / slide

o_e: move / prove / bone

u_e: cube 

How many words can you think of for each sound? Can you put these in some sentences.  

BBC Bitesize and alphablocks on cbeebies iPlayer have some great video clips to explain these split digraphs. 



In maths we will continue counting in 2's/5's and 10's and look at grouping and sharing (multiplying and dividing)

How many 2's are in 20? can you count out 20 pieces of pasta and group them into pairs? 



During the afternoons we will be making: 

Rainbow fish wax relief pictures 

Paper windmills

Symmetrical painting butterflies

Experimenting with colour mixing to make under the sea pictures.  



In PE this week we will be pirates and playing lots of pirate games such as 'port and starboard'. 


Forest School

During our outdoor learning sessions we will be completing a bug survey by the pond area and seeing how many different creatures we see at different points during the day.  


We hope you have a great week 

Mrs Whitlock, Mrs Webb and Miss Reeves