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w/c 29th June

This week we welcome a few more year 1 children into pink and blue bubbles for the last few weeks of term. 

We hope they enjoy being back in school with their friends.  For those of you continuing your learning at home, we miss you but hope you are keeping safe and well. 


This week is a Dinosaur themed week. We will be reading a range of Dinosaur books, both fiction and non-fiction.  



In English we will be using non-fiction texts to find out facts about different dinosaurs.  We will collate all these facts together to write dinosaur fact files for a class encyclopedia of Dinosaurs.  

We will be using dictionaries to find out the meaning of new topic words such as 'carnivore' , 'Herbivore' and 'omnivore'.  



We will be looking at the alternative ways of spelling the different vowel sounds e.g. 

ai / a_e 

ee / ea / e_e

igh / ie / i_e

oo / oa / o_e

ue / u_e 



We will be revising 2D and 3D shape. 

We will be using 2D shapes to make pictures of dinosaurs and describing why we have chosen different shapes for each part of the dinosaur. We will be going on a shape walk around the school grounds to see what 2D and 3D shapes we can find in the environment. 


Topic work: 

We will be learning about Mary Anning and other famous fossil hunters.  

We will be using salt dough to make our own dinosaur fossils and bones. 


Music/Movement and Dance 

We will be learning the story and song 'Dinosaur Stomp' and re-creating this using music and movement. 


We hope you have a great week and look forward to seeing any photos of your dinosaur work 


Mrs Whitlock, Mrs Webb and Miss Reeves