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T4 Week 3

This week we have been writing our 'Kitchen Disco' stories, using the openers 'First...', 'Then...', 'Now...'. In maths we have been learning about positional language (on top, next to...) by having a treasure hunt - we had great fun reading the clues to find the treasure! At the end of the week we raised money for RED NOSE DAY by paying £1 to come to school in our normal clothes! We also had a Frogwell School talent show, where a few children from our class and Potter class got together and performed a rhyme with Makaton signing. Guess what, we won!!smiley

Picture 1 Phonics bingo (letter sounds)
Picture 2 Phase word bingo
Picture 3 Writing using our letter sounds
Picture 4 Reading the clues
Picture 5 Reading the clues
Picture 6 Looking for the next clue - positional language
Picture 7 Finding the treasure!
Picture 8 Finding the treasure inside - it was a windy week!