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T2 week 2

This week we have been learning about 1 more - we have used lots of different representations to show 1 more (like Numicon, dinosaurs, playdough...). In cooking we made healthy fruit kebabs and used our previously learnt maths skills to make a repeating pattern of fruit. We had a great day on Wednesday when SINGING HANDS came in to teach us some more Makaton signing. We sang and signed a song for parents (and the whole school) in assembly, too.


Picture 1 Home Learning - repeating patterns!
Picture 2 Repeating pattern fruit kebabs
Picture 3 Practising number formation
Picture 4 Using the sound mat to help with our writing
Picture 5 Finding 1 more (dinosaurs)
Picture 6 Making an alien (1 more eye!)
Picture 7 Finding 1 more with Numicon
Picture 8 Making numbers with the pipe cleaners!