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Always Learning and Achieving Together

T1 Week 5

This week we have been learning about careful counting and recognising numerals. In cooking we made a delicious 'number cheesy biscuit'.  Outside we enjoyed playing skittles, where we helped each other put them back up and took it in turns to knock them down! We have used the junk materials to make a house and have investigated the best material to use for a roof for The 3 Little Pigs house. We have learnt the letter sounds i, n, m, d.

Picture 1 Cheesy Numbers!
Picture 2 Counting and recognising numbers
Picture 3 Playing skittles with our friends
Picture 4 This is the number 5!
Picture 5 Drawing 2D shapes
Picture 6 Show and Tell (a noisy guitar!)
Picture 7 Investigating materials
Picture 8 Making a junk model house