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Always Learning and Achieving Together

T1 Week 2

We have had a great first week all together! Our class is called DONALDSON class, after the author Julia Donaldson, so, we have enjoyed listening to lots of stories written by her. There has been lots of new things to find out about at school and new friends to make. We have enjoyed discovering all the things we can play with inside and outside, plus have been busy painting self-portraits and talking about our families. Come into the classroom and take a look at the display of our art work! 

Picture 1 Role play fun
Picture 2 Enjoying a story together
Picture 3 Construction time!
Picture 4 Cooking in the mud kitchen
Picture 5 Sailing away on an adventure!
Picture 6 Writing with chalks
Picture 7 Singing Heads, shoulders, knees and toes!
Picture 8 Helping each other
Picture 9 A listening walk