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Our Vision and Values


We aim to be a respectful and inclusive school community providing a happy and caring environment for children.


We will do this by:

  • supporting each child to unlock their potential as confident learners and responsible citizens
  • providing opportunities that raise aspirations and widen horizons
  • investing in our staff and the school environment to enable our children to achieve

Our School Values

  • Safe and Happy: We want all children to feel emotionally and physically safe in our school and to enjoy coming here each day. We aim to make our school a happy place for everyone.
  • Supportive: We believe it is essential to provide children with the support they need to succeed both academically, socially and emotionally.
  • Respectful: We want all members of our school community to treat others and themselves with respect. We believe in the importance of adults modelling respectful behaviours to help children to learn respect.
  • Aspirational: We believe all children should be encouraged to have aspirations for the future regardless of their starting points. We aim to inspire children and build their confidence to aim high.
  • Inclusive: We believe our school is a better place if we can include everyone and support those with different needs to experience success in education and in life.