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Always Learning and Achieving Together

Our School Vision

At Frogwell Primary School and Complex Needs Resource Base, the needs and welfare of all the children in our school are central to everything that we do and will always be the number one priority.


OUR SCHOOL VISION (parent and community version)

At Frogwell Primary School, we aim to build a learning community that:

  • develops children who have the attitudes and skills to thrive in the world and make a positive contribution as they grow up
  • inspires and enables all its pupils to achieve their best
  • nurtures and supports children to help them be physically, emotionally, mentally and socially healthy
  • encourages children and adults to develop and grow by actively promoting life-long learning for all

We aim to do this by:

  • building our school around our core values and continually developing these in our children
  • providing an exciting curriculum that makes learning fun and allows children to flourish
  • providing excellent teaching and classroom provision for all pupils
  • creating a safe, stimulating and positive learning environment
  • ensuring there is high quality pastoral care and support
  • prioritising the personal, social and emotional development of our pupils
  • investing in ongoing training and development for our staff to allow them to be the best they can be in their jobs
  • working in partnership with stakeholders, other educational and community providers
  • starting the journey to develop a Community Learning Hub to enable adults to learn and train too
  • providing access to high quality IT facilities and resources for all learners


OUR SCHOOL VISION (children’s version)

At Frogwell Primary School, we want our school to:

  • be a happy place you will have great memories of
  • make sure you all learn the skills you need to have a great life in our world and make it a better place as you grow up
  • help you to do your very best in your learning
  • make your learning exciting and fun
  • support you and look after you to help you learn to be happy, healthy and safe
  • make sure the teachers and other staff keep learning so they can be brilliant at teaching you
  • help the adults in our community like parents and grandparents to learn and train too