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Always Learning and Achieving Together


Please find below a link to our most recent Ofsted report. Ofsted graded us as Good.

Here are the main 'headlines' from our inspection report.

Ofsted said:

  • Senior leaders exhibit a relentless determination to ensure that their shared vision of a good school is realised.
  • The close working partnership between the Headteacher and the Deputy Headteacher underpins good leadership and management.
  • Leaders and managers, including governors, have taken decisive action since the previous inspection to improve the quality of teaching and pupils’ learning.
  • Pupils’ behaviour is good. During lessons their responsive attitudes to learning enrich their good progress. This is demonstrated by the pride they take in their beautifully presented work.
  • The strong pastoral support provided for pupils across the school includes high regard for their welfare and keeps them safe.
  • Pupils have very supportive relationships with each other and with staff. The pupils’ enjoyment of school is seen in their above-average attendance and enthusiastic participation in the wide range of after-school clubs.
  • Standards are rising. This is because teaching, learning and assessment are good. Increasingly teaching is outstanding, including in the Resource Base, which is rightly regarded as a strength of the school.  
  • Pupils make good progress. At times, for example in Years 2, 5 and 6, some pupils make even faster progress, especially when challenged to think deeply about their work.
  • Children make a successful start in the early years in response to good teaching, support and stimulating experiences.

Ofsted School Inspection Reports