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Term 6 Week 4, 5 and 6

This term we have been busy preparing for our show - The Piper.  We have also completed our learning about translation of shapes (movement on a graph) and volume.  We know that length X width X depth = volume. The children have written letters to their new teachers Mr Hopkins and Mrs Munday and also a letter to their parents, which they will bring home at the end of term.  I am very proud of how the children performed confidently in the show and also how well they worked as a team in preparing for the opening ceremony on Sports Day.  Well done to our two Tri Golf teams who came first and third!


Picture 1 Quad Kids at Bath University
Picture 2
Picture 3 75m sprint
Picture 4
Picture 5 Long Jump
Picture 6
Picture 7 Javalin Throw
Picture 8 DT project at Sheldon School
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12 Opening ceremony at Sports Day - Year 5
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15

Term 6 Week 3

This week, we have continued to learn the songs for our production 'The Piper'.  In maths we have learnt how to plot co-ordinates on a graph to make a shape, then reflect (using a mirror line) and translate (move) this shape.  In literacy, we have enjoyed innovating our own Piper stories - they are very exciting! In science, we have revised learning about the digestive system and started learning about teeth.  Nurse Patient visited us to tell us about her career and give some medial tips! Thank you very much.  Well done to all award winners this week.

Picture 1 Orienteering Festival
Picture 2 Working as a team
Picture 3 Finding clues and orienteering a map
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7 Cricket festival at school - level 1
Picture 8
Picture 9 Paintings of the Mayor in The Piper
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12 Bath University Trip
Picture 13 Beach Volleyball
Picture 14 Badminton
Picture 15
Picture 16 Team skills
Picture 17 At Bath University!
Picture 18 Coding using CODE.ORG (free online resource)
Picture 19
Picture 20 Athletics
Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23 Award Winners Week 3
Picture 24 Award Winners Week 2
Picture 25

Term 6 Week 1 and 2

In Week 1, we completed our RE block about the life journey for different religions.  We also thought about our own life journeys and what we hope to happen.  In Week 2, we began our work on The Pied Piper, ready for our Key Stage 2 production 'The Piper'.  We are learning songs and studying the story.  We wrote character descriptions and settings. In maths, we have completed our learning about angles - on a straight line (180 degrees), around a whole turn (360 degrees) and within shapes.

Corey, Alfie, Jack, Justin and Charlotte enjoyed a day out at Bath University, making use of the sports facilities.  They enjoyed beach volleyball, trampolining, badminton and team skills.


Term 5 Week 5

This week we completed Term 5 RE blocked unit about' Life as a Journey' - considering what people from different religions believe and events that they participate in. We also thought about our life and our own beliefs.  In maths, we learnt how to use a protractor to measure angles.  We can now identify acute (less than 90 degrees), obtuse (between 90-180 degrees), reflex (greater than 180 degrees) and right angles (90 degrees). We had lots of fun and explored angles using a huge 8 point compass on the playground floor. This week, we concluded our Railways theme with an excellent performance of The Railway Children in school.  It was great fun and a wonderful way to finish the term.


Please don't forget orienteering at Sheldon School on Monday morning - wear your PE kit!

Picture 1 Exploring circuits in science
Picture 2 Testing and recording results
Picture 3 Insulators and conductors
Picture 4 First Aid training
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7 CPR training
Picture 8 CPR on a baby
Picture 9 Recovery position
Picture 10 Cricket coaching
Picture 11

Term 5 Week 3 and 4

During the last 2 weeks, we have completed our learning about decimals. We have explore decimal sequences e.g. 0.34, 0.43, 0.52, 0.61 (+0.99).  We can now +/- decimals e.g. 6.752-2.9=.  Also we can multiply and divide a decimal number by 10, 100 and 1000. In literacy, we have written formal and informal letters based on our work from 'The Railway Children'.

We have continued to enjoy cricket with our coach Vicki and athletics with Mr Kingwell.


Well done - twice in a row, we have won the class attendance award!

Term 5 Week 1 and 2

What a busy start to the new term!  On the first day back, all the children participated in a tag rugby festival.  We had great weather, had fun and worked so well in our teams.  Everyone showed resilience and determination.  Well done to you all.  During the second week, we started a booster 3 weeks programme of swimming.  At the end of KS2, children are required to swim 25m, demonstrate different strokes (front crawl, back stroke and breast stroke) and perform life saving skills. If you are concerned about your child's swimming, it may be beneficial to consider swimming lessons at one of the local pools in Chippenham or Corsham.  On Monday afternoon,  we took part in a creative writing workshop - run my Peahen Publishing of Corsham. We created our own characters - I wonder if you could come up with a story for your character? We have also enjoyed watching the film The Railway Children, and used extracts to help write diary entries.


On Thursday,  half the class were invited to Sheldon School to participate in a DT lesson.  The children made some amazing cars out of wood.  The other half of the class will go in the next few weeks.


In maths this week, we have revised decimals and have started to +/- decimals, using this skill to solve problems.  Please continue to use Mathletics at home to help develop maths skills.  What a brilliant start to the term! 

Picture 1 TAG Rugby Festival
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8 Cricket - Chance to Shine
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11 DT cars made at Sheldon School
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14 Creative Writing Workshop
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19

Term 4 Week 5 and 6

This week we visited Hardenhuish School.  We all had a great time experiencing a day at secondary school.  The children enjoyed a PE lesson in the sports hall and then met the sheep!  In science they tested different liquids to identify whether they were acids or alkaline.  After a delicious lunch in the Octagon Dining Hall, we all took part in a DT design lesson and a drama lesson. We finished the day in the library, where we met the head teacher Mrs Percy and asked Year 7 pupils questions about the school. We have now completed work on fractions - please try to complete fraction work on Mathletics.  We can now +/- fractions, find equivalent fractions and also multiply fractions.  We have also worked on decimals; ordering decimals, rounding to the nearest whole number, tenth or hundredth, and also converting decimals to fractions and percentages. Next term, we will continue work on decimals.

Term 4 Week 4

What another busy week.  This week we have used illustrations from our picture / poem book 'The Highwayman' to help us improve our writing.  We have tried to use higher level language, and used metaphors and similes to bring our writing to life!  

A metaphor describes something as something else e.g. The moon was a ghostly galleon.  A simile describes something like something else e.g. His hair was like mouldy hay. This week, we have produced some superb pieces of writing and we continue to learn the poem to recite.  In maths, we have started work on decimals and compared decimals with fractions e.g. 3.452 has 3 ones, 4 tenths, 5 hundredths and 2 thousandths.

3.452 = 3 + 0.4 + 0.05 + 0.002

3.452 = 3 + 4 5   2   

                  10  100  1000

The children are enjoying forest school on Friday afternoon and have also begun preparing their sewing work.  We have now cut out the shapes from our designs and pinned them onto a piece of bunting.  Next week, we begin to sew!!




Term 4 Week 3

What another busy week! The children have begun to read, interpret and learn the classic poem 'The Highwayman' - they are using amazing vocabulary to describe the setting and characters in this poem. In maths this week, we completed our learning on fractions.  We can now multiply a fraction (unit and non unit) to an integer (whole number) e.g. 1/5 X3, 3/6X7.  We also learnt how to work out fractions of amounts. If you are having trouble X fractions for your home learning, please come into school for a quick demo!  We have used OS maps to locate areas in Wiltshire using 4 and 6 grid reference.  Perhaps you have an OS map at home that you can use - what places can you find? 


Thank you for all the children who took part in Morpurgo Talent Show auditions for Red Nose Day - every act was unique and amazing.  Well done to Kelsie and Justin who received the most votes and went forward to the final on Friday.  What talented violinists we have in Year 5! Finally, the Rugby Festival was postponed today due to bad weather conditions - it will now be the first day back after our Easter holiday.  More details to follow.

Picture 1 Handball
Picture 2 Roman Display from Term 3
Picture 3 River Crossing Game
Picture 4 Work as a team
Picture 5 Problem solving
Picture 6 World Book Day - reading with a parent or sibling
Picture 7 Dressing up as a book character
Picture 8 Guess who?
Picture 9 Have you read this book?
Picture 10 Buddy reading with Year 1
Picture 11 BYOB Club in the library
Picture 12 Bring Your Own Book!
Picture 13 Chilling out in the library
Picture 14 World Book Day Assembly
Picture 15 Book Quiz Winners
Picture 16 Forest School
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21 24g of sugar a day for a 10 year old.
Picture 22 That is only 6 cubes of sugar!
Picture 23 Chippenham Library visit
Picture 24 Don't forget to join!
Picture 25 Book clubs at Chippenham Library
Picture 26
Picture 27 Chippenham Museum
Picture 28 It is free to look around!
Picture 29 Go and have a look!
Picture 30 Counter balances in REAL PE
Picture 31 PINK level
Picture 32 BLUE level
Picture 33 Geography - map work
Picture 34 Using 6 grid reference
Picture 35 Talent Show for Red Nose Day

Term 4 Week 1 and 2

What a busy start to Term 4.  We have been busy researching and producing our leaflets to persuade people to visit Wiltshire. In maths, we continue to work on our fractions unit - we must find the common denominator to + and - fractions. In science, we have starting our work on 'sound' - we have looked at sound vibrations and how they look different for loud / quiet / high / low sounds. In geography we have looked at geographical features of Wiltshire, also identifying the main towns in the county. We continue to enjoy Healthy Heroes - this week learning about a balanced diet.  What brilliant costumes we saw on World Book Day - don't forget to get a free book with your voucher!


Well done to Tom and Corey who are our star learners for week 1 and 2.


Don't forget our visit to the library on Tuesday at 9.00am and also the Rugby Festival on Friday.


Picture 1 Bike Friday
Picture 2 Winner of the first raffle - book prize
Picture 3 Sound Survey around school
Picture 4 Brilliant home learning projects and Citizen
Picture 5 Shape Game
Picture 6 Team work
Picture 7 Handball - Healthy Heroes
Picture 8 Improving our skills
Picture 9 The eatwell plate

Term 3 Week 6

This week we worked hard to compare and order fractions.  Unit fractions were easier to order but for non unit fractions, we had to find the common denominator e.g. 4/5 and 7/10 - to compare these fractions use 10 as the common denominator. We enjoyed our Roman Day - everyone looked fantastic!  The children made a Roman Bulla necklace, made a Roman coin, baked some Roman honey biscuits and tasted a selection of Roman snacks! Mr Skelton from Chippenham Museum helped us with an archaeological dig. Take a look at the photos!  Well done to all children who completed their Roman home learning project - all were entered into the Golden Book. Brilliant effort!

Picture 1 Roman clay pottery or statues
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4 Roman Home Learning
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11 Roman Bulla necklaces
Picture 12 Made during Roman Day
Picture 13
Picture 14 Georgia's science project

Term 3 Week 5

This week, Frogwell Dance Club performed at the Chippenham Dance Festival (held at the Neeld Hall).  The children were brilliant and after a few last minute nerves, excelled themselves - what super stars!!! Year 5 also had a visit from Wiltshire Fire Service  - we learnt how to prevent fire by keeping our homes safe, then found out what we need to do in the event of fire. Make sure you all fill in your Fire Safety at Home questionnaires. On Friday afternoon, Morpurgo afternoon class walked to the Dome to work with some pupils from Sheldon School (Year 11 PE GCSE students) - we played some great warm up games and then developed our netball skills. We had great fun until the walk back to school - when we got soaked! 


We completed our recounts (of our trip the Roman Baths) - well done to Seamus and Alfie who worked particularly hard with Mrs Martinson and are this week's Learners of the Week. In maths, we revised equivalent fractions e.g. 4/5=16/20 and converted improper fractions to mixed numbers e.g. 47/9 =5 whole and 2/9.  This week we also introduced comparing fractions by finding the common denominator e.g. 3/4  5/8 (8 is the common denominator).

                  3/4        5/8

X2              6/8  >   5/8 

Picture 1 Roman home learning project
Picture 2 A magnificant Roman sheild
Picture 3 Basketball with Erin
Picture 4
Picture 5 Measuring our emotions - Healthy Heroes
Picture 6 On the way to the Neeld Hall
Picture 7 Getting ready
Picture 8 Technical rehearsal
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12 All dressed up!
Picture 13
Picture 14 Fire Fighter Dawn
Picture 15 Our Fire Safety Workshop
Picture 16 Tom dressed as a fire fighter
Picture 17 Award winners this week
Picture 18 Equivalent fractions
Picture 19 Improper fraction to a mixed number
Picture 20 Netball at the Dome
Picture 21 Fun games
Picture 22 Team work
Picture 23 Ball skills

Term 3 Week 4

This week we enjoyed our trip to the Roman Baths - we had an amazing time! We enjoyed working with our education worker Alexandra, who taught us about Roman food.  We used wax tablets to write our names in Latin and also practised Roman numerals.  Everyone loved dressing up in Roman clothes.  Don't forget our Roman Day in 2 weeks time - the children will be able to dress up in their own Roman clothes if they wish. Mr Skelton (from Chippenham Museum) will also be joining us.


In maths this week, we have started a new unit on fractions.  This week we have explored equivalent fractions e.g. 4/5 = 16/20

The bottom part of the fraction is called the denominator (the whole) and the top part if the fraction is called the numerator (how many parts of the whole).


       5            20    To find the equivalent fraction, the denominator AND the numerator are multiplied by the same amount i.e. X4.

Can you find an equivalent fraction for 1/6, 2/8?


Enjoy the snow and have fun.  If you build a snowman, take a photo and bring it into school to earn a merit! 

Don't forget that 5 reads at home earns 2 merits and a raffle ticket.



Term 3 Week 3

This week in Healthy Heroes, we learnt about our heart and how to keep it healthy.  We also learnt how to dribble in basketball.  In maths this week, we have revised how to use the 'Bus Stop' method to divide 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers. It is vital that we continue to learn our times table facts (quick recall) to help with 'Bus Stop' division and long multiplication.  In Literacy, we completed our chronological reports about The Romans in Britain. Children improved draft 1 and wrote a best copy to display at school. We continue to enjoy Tag Rugby with Mr Kingwell and are all improving our musical skills, working with our music specialist teacher Mrs Farr.  Next week, we are off to the Roman Baths!


Well done to Kelsie who is our Star Learner for great effort in writing her report - from thorough research, writing a first draft to making improvements and writing a best copy. Well done to ALL our award winners from week 2 and week 3.

Picture 1 Basketball passes
Picture 2
Picture 3 Healthy Heroes - screen time
Picture 4 Earth and Space investigating
Picture 5 Mr Skelton from Chippenham Musuem
Picture 6 Award Winners Week 2
Picture 7 Tag Rugby
Picture 8
Picture 9 Basketball dribbling
Picture 10 Healthy Heroes - healthy heart
Picture 11
Picture 12 Award winners week 3
Picture 13 Music with Mrs Farr
Picture 14 Exploring pitch
Picture 15

Term 3 Week 2

This week we began our new theme 'How was Bath changed by the Romans?' We enjoyed a visit from Mr Skelton from Chippenham Museum who brought in his Roman helmet. The children were fascinated by what we discovered. In Literacy, we have started research and planned a chronological report about the Romans in Britain. Have a look at BBC Bite size - Romans Key Stage 2, for lots of amazing facts. In maths, we continued our work on long multiplication and most children can now multiply 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers e.g.




If you are having difficulty at home, please come and see me - I'll be happy to explain it to you with your child.


This week, we had our first session of Healthy Heroes (run by Up and Under Sports).  Erin (a professional basketball player) coached us in our first basketball lesson and Mrs Lewis talked to us about too much screen time - this lesson was particularly interesting. We found out that too much screen time causes sleep deprivation, behaviour problems, aggression and mood swings, poor social skills and obesity. This programme will take place once a week during terms 3 and 4.


Well done to Georgia who is our star learner this week - she persevered with long multiplication (when finding this method hard) and also managed to get onto 'Greater Depth' challenges.  Elisha is Citizen of the Week - she is always such a good friend. Finally, Corey and Alfie are sports people of the week for amazing basketball, while Max and Tom got Mr Kingwell's vote in tag rugby.

Term 3 Week 1

This week we have completed our RE block of learning 'What do people think about God?'  We have found out different beliefs from Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism.  We also discussed what we think. In maths, we have started to learn how to multiply 2 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers e.g. 23X54.


X 23


        (20X45)    If you are not sure how to do this method to support your child, please come and see me and I'll be happy to


In the afternoons, we have started finding out about the Romans. We have created a Roman Timeline and also used the internet safely to carry out research.  What have you found out? 


Well done to Finley who is our star learner this week.  What a great start to Term 3 for everyone!



Term 2

This term we enjoyed finding out about the Silk Road - the first trading route that stretched for thousands of miles, from Europe to Asia. We also wrote newspaper reports about fair trade.  We found out that Frogwell School needs to do more to promote the use of Fair Trade products. Our letters to Ms Neville were very persuasive! In addition, we designed our own fair trade Christmas biscuit - the packaging displayed the fair trade symbol. In maths, we learnt about perimeter (around the edge of a shape) and the area (length X width). In science, we carried out many investigations to test the weight of gas, dissolving and separating materials and also test which materials were insulators and conductors. What a lot of learning we have all done!


Well done to everyone for an amazing Carol Service at Ladyfield Church - you all sang beautifully.

Picture 1 Making cubed numbers
Picture 2 5X5X5=
Picture 3 What is 2X2X2? What is 3X3X3?
Picture 4 Finding common factors
Picture 5 Multiplying by 10, 100, 1000 using place value
Picture 6 Life Van - being assertive
Picture 7 Life van
Picture 8
Picture 9 Award winners!
Picture 10 More award winners!
Picture 11 Award winners
Picture 12 Football skills with Mr Kingwell
Picture 13 Teamwork
Picture 14 Co-operation
Picture 15 Balloon volleyball
Picture 16
Picture 17 Interview with Mrs Craig
Picture 18 Insulators and conductors
Picture 19 Investigating?
Picture 20 Dissolving investigation
Picture 21

Term 2 Week 3

This week we used our research about the Silk Road to write a non-chronological report - we remembered headings, sub-headings, an introduction, important facts and statistics.  Ask us what we know about the Silk Road - the first trading route that stretched across Europe and Asia! We also used EXCEL to work out how much imports from China would cost if we bought in bulk! We have started to design our own fair trade biscuit box for Christmas. In science we have enjoyed finding out about states of matter - solids, liquids and gases.


This week our star learner is Jack for amazing effort and hard work when writing his report about the Silk Road.  Kelsie is sports person for outstanding effort and sportsmanship in football and our citizen of the week is Seamus - he is always a good friend and an excellent role model for younger pupils in our school.  Well done to everyone - we won the attendance award (99.1% for the week).

Term 2 Week 2

This week we had a brilliant time in the Life Van.  We learnt about how to keep our brain healthy - be active, give to others, be mindful (relax the brain), be creative and connect (meet up with family and friends).  An equal mix of these leads to a happy, ready to learn brain! We also learnt about medicines and legal drugs.  We talked about how the body reacts to drugs such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine (especially caffeine drinks).  This week, he have continued to learn about multiples and factors. We have also explored prime numbers, squared and cubed numbers. We began out new theme 'Is Fair Trade Fair?' - and found out about the very first trade route - the Silk Road.  This week we carried out research - next week we'll write a non-chronological report about the Silk Road.


This week our star learner is Sean for great improvement in handwriting. Georgia is Citizen of the Week - she is always so caring and looks after her friends. Tom and Max are sports people of the week for an amazing game of seated volleyball!


Term 2 Week 1

On Wednesday, we visited Sheldon School for our first secondary school taster day.  We will be visiting Hardenhuish School in the new year.  All the staff at Sheldon who worked with us highly praised the children's good manners and excellent behaviour.  The children had such a busy day - we had a DT lesson (making the maze game), art lesson (printing), drama or maths, PE and science.  The highlight for many children was the delicious school dinner! Take a look at our day! 

Week 6 and 7

In Maths, we have finished our unit of work on statistics - we learnt how to read line graphs and timetables. We must remember to look carefully at the scale - 2s, 5s, 10s or 100s? We were able to 'read' the graph or timetable to answer the questions.  In literacy we wrote our own adventure stories about Billy and Laura (from Wreck of the Zanzibar) - we edited to improve our writing.  The children are now able to use an atlas to find information about our world. Well done to all the children who completed their home learning about the Isles of Scilly - you all got into the Golden Book!

Picture 1 REAL PE scheme in action
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4 PE - throw tennis
Picture 5 Well done to our award winners!
Picture 6 Our swimming certificates
Picture 7 Golden book certificates
Picture 8 Tai Chi
Picture 9
Picture 10 Calming
Picture 11 Concentrating
Picture 12 Very relaxing
Picture 1 Well done to award winners!
Picture 2 Making a healthy lunch.
Picture 3 What will you put in yours?
Picture 4 Delicious!
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Term 1 Week 5

This week we have learnt about the sexual and asexual reproduction of plants. The children have found this new science learning fascinating. In literacy this week, we have written letters as if we were Billy and Laura.  We worked hard to up level our writing, adding adjectives and exciting openers. In maths, we continued our learning on addition and subtraction.  The children solved +/- of 4 and 5 digit numbers using column method.  They also used approximation and the inverse to check e.g. 56,143 - 3,872 = 52,271 so 3,872+52,271=56,143.  The children looked at multistep problems and how we can solve them.  We have continued to discuss internet safety and cyber bullying - please discuss this with your child at home also.  How can they keep safe?


Well done to Max who is star learner this week for brilliant effort to improve his writing.  Amber is our citizen of the week for always being such a good friend to all members of the class. Justin and Charlie are sports people of the week for superb listening in swimming.

Picture 1 Well done to our award winners this week.
Picture 2 Cutting - safely
Picture 3 We use the bridge method and the claw method.
Picture 4 Pasta salad is a healthy lunch.

Term 1 Week 4

This week we have started our maths learning on addition and subtraction using mental methods and also the formal column method.  We are beginning to use approximation to work out a sensible answer e.g. 12,453 + 10,951 (approximately 12,000+11,000). In literacy we continue to up level our writing using higher level vocabulary and openers.  This week we wrote descriptive settings.  Well done to all those children who read 5 or more times - you have been awarded 2 merits each.  In PE this week we practised our throwing and catching skills (shoulder and chest passes) and also enjoyed several games of benchball.


Well done to Caitlyn who is this weeks star learner - you are working so hard in ALL lessons.  Kelsie is our sports person for superb effort in swimming and Justin for an excellent game of benchball.  Charlotte is citizen of the week - what a great role model you are for all of Year 5 and the younger children in our school.  Elisha got her writing onto the wall of excellence!  Keep it up everyone.

Picture 1 Cooking flapjacks
Picture 2 Using the hob safely
Picture 3 Sean has achieved swimming level 3 - well done
Picture 4 Kelsie is our star swimmer
Picture 5 Star learners this week - great effort
Picture 6 Mindfulness and relaxation
Picture 7 We enjoy this time each week.

Term 1 Week 3

This week we have enjoyed getting into our book 'Wreck of the Zanzibar' - it is getting very exciting.  We have written character descriptions to describe the main characters Billy and Laura.  The children have worked hard to up level their writing using VCOP (higher level vocabulary, conjunctions (while, although, when), openers and punctuation). We have now completed our final week on place value.  We will continue to revisit this area as well as rounding which many children still find tricky. The children are finding out about living things and have been on a invertebrate hunt.  They have listed characteristics of different specimens. Next week we will consider the impact of our local environment on these living things.


Thank you to all the parents who came to our curriculum meeting - it was great to see so many of you.  If you have a question or concern, please contact me as soon as possible so that I can help.


Well done to Katie who is star learner of the week for working particularly hard to improve her writing. Corey and Finley are both Citizens of the Week for being such good friends and showing consideration. Elisha is sports person of the week for effort in swimming and throw tennis.

Picture 1 Our invertebrate hunt
Picture 2 We had to look closely and be patient.
Picture 3 We worked with a partner.
Picture 4 We found habitats that invertebrates like.
Picture 5 Throw tennis - great fun!
Picture 6 Star learners - well done to you all.

Term 1 Week 2

What another busy week!  The children tried really hard during their first swimming lesson.  At the end of the term they will be tested to see if they have achieved the National Curriculum Award - swim a length (25m), use strokes e.g. front crawl, backstroke and perform simple life saving techniques (float, keep hair dry).  If your child is not yet swimming, it may be beneficial to take private lessons (ask at our local swimming pools for details).  In literacy, we have started work on Wreck of the Zanzibar - our book this term.  We are spending the first few weeks revising VCOP (Vocabulary, Conjunctions (because, although), Openers and Punctuation) to improve our writing. In maths we continue to work on place value and are now working with numbers to a million. Please encourage your child to read 6 digit numbers e.g. 523, 190, and say what each digit is worth. On Friday the pupils enjoyed their first cooking lesson and started to look at snacks - sorting healthy and not healthy.  Our focus this term will be preparing a range of healthy snacks (and the skills involved in preparing and making these).


Well done to Ann-Marie for being our Star Learner this week.  Alfie was awarded Citizen of the Week for doing such a great job of looking after Jack. Also Sam was awarded Sports Person of the Week for an amazing game of 'throw tennis' in PE.

Picture 1 Star Learners - well done everyone
Picture 2 Sorting healthy and unhealthy food
Picture 3 Working as a team
Picture 4 Making a group decision
Picture 5 Which is your favourite?

Term 1 Week 1

What a brilliant start to the year.  I am very proud of all the children who settled into school very quickly.  Everyone has come back to school ready to learn and so smart! This week we have completed our RE block of learning about Judaism and found out lots of new, interesting things about this religion. We wrote Bible stories, found out about festivals and watched clips (using the BBC educational clips) about life as a Jewish child. In the afternoon we compared Judaism and Islam (which Year 4 pupils have been learning about) - we shared our learning!

This week in maths, we have started our place value unit of work and are looking at numbers up to 1,000,000! We are reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers up to this amount.  Do encourage your child to have a go at reading large numbers e.g. 143, 078 - this number has 100,000 40,000 3,000 zero hundreds 70 and 8 ones.   We have also looked at rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 e.g.

Number Round to nearest 10 Round to nearest 100 Round to nearest 1000
13, 459 13, 460 13, 500 13,000
25, 012 25, 010 25, 000 25,000
67, 872 67, 880 67,900 68,000

 Remember 5, 50 or 500 always rounds up.

In addition, we have also started to learn about Roman Numerals - what can you remember?  Can you teach your parents?

We will continue learning about Roman Numerals after Christmas when our theme is all about the Romans!


Well done to Seamus - our very first Star Learner of the Week!  Keep up the great effort and hard work.