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Term 4

This term we have continued to benefit from an additional teacher - Mrs Dawson. She has helped us all and we have enjoyed her presence in our class. This term we have learnt about The Golden Islamic Age - Baghdad.  This was also a new topic to me so we were all learning together.  If you have forgotten, don't forget to refer to our knowledge organiser (in curriculum overview). In PPA this term, you all enjoyed Forest School led by Mrs Gosal and Mrs Sheppard.  I have included some photos for you to see - you had such fun.

Term 3 - Welcome to Mrs Dawson who is working in our class

What a busy term!  We have enjoyed learning about Rivers and can now name the different parts of a river from source to mouth. We have read Tom's Midnight Garden as our whole class reading book and enjoyed finding out what adventures Tom got up to. Year 5 were invited to a netball workshop at the Dome and were tutored by some Year 11 pupils from Sheldon School.  We learnt many new skills and had lots of fun! 


This term, we have enjoyed working with Mr Kingwell (our coach) to develop rugby skills. We also enjoyed 'River' art with Mrs Martinson - learning many new techniques!  We have also been lucky enough to visit the Life Van - we learnt about healthy me and how to keep a positive and healthy mind. Take a look at the photos!

Shape Game
Counter Balance
River from source to mouth - sequenced
Life Van
Healthy Me
Netball at the Dome
Playing a match
River Avon walk
Feeding the birds!
River Cake!
River Projects
Sharing with the class

Term 2

What another busy term! The children have thoroughly enjoyed our Year 5 theme 'What did the Vikings want in Britain and how did King Alfred stop them?' They have found out so much about life during this period of history and also were amazed to discover that the Vikings came to Chippenham!  We are now busy learning about properties of materials, investigating conductor and insulators and soluble / insoluble materials.  Year 5 have been lucky to work with Mr Kingwell (Sports Coach) this term to improve their ball skills -  having made up some exciting games.  IN REAL PE, we have nearly completed unit 2, having enjoyed playing seated volleyball and scorpion ball - what great fun!  In mathematics, the children have completed work on factors / multiples and are currently learning to work out perimeter and area - so we can design our own longhouse (with measurements for perimeter and area). This term, Year 5 have completed their cooking unit - what can you do with a pumpkin?  The children have tried lots of new foods and also developed their culinary skills!


This term, we visited Sheldon School and had a taster day - we had great fun but it was very tiring!  Look at the photos below.


Coming up, we are looking forward to our Christmas Carol Service (on the last Tuesday of term) and the pantomime at the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon on the last Thursday of term.


A huge thank you and well done to all the children who brought in a Viking project - they look amazing!



PE with Mr Kingwell
Our Visit to Sheldon School
Making a game - using a wooden mould.
Observational drawing of natural objects.
Maths challenge at Sheldon!
Drama workshop
Lunch at secondary school!
PE at Sheldon School
Science investigations
Cooking with pumpkins

Term 1

What a great start to Year 5.  I was very impressed to see how smart you all look.  This term, we have begun with a week block about Judaism - finding out more about this religion. We retold two stories about Abraham and also found out about the festival 'Shavuot'. 

In maths, we have learnt about place value up to 6 digit numbers e.g. 143,563 has 100,000+40,000+3,000+500+60+3.  We have also been exploring + / -10, 100, 1000, 10,000 to see what happens to the number.  Children revised how to +/- 4 and 5 digit numbers using column method and also finding the difference between 2 numbers by counting on (bar model or number line).  We finished the term with work on line graphs and timetables.

We have completed out first book 'Wreck of the Zanzibar', which we all enjoyed. Everyone wrote amazing stories as sequels to Michael Morpurgo's brilliant book. We have worked hard this term to improve the language used in our writing and also improve accuracy (punctuation and spelling).


This term, we enjoyed listening to a drumming performance (whole school event) and even took part! We also enjoyed a special treat - a visit from a travelling planetarium. This was a wonderful experience and we found out so many important things about our solar system.  We finished the first term with a group of 10 pupils from our class taking part in the Big Sing, held at Sheldon School.  The children were exceptionally well behaved and had an amazing time.  What a brilliant start to Year 5!


We have worked hard to honour our new School Code:

Be Kind

Be Caring

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Ready to Learn

Be Responsible


Well done to Lily V, Jaymii, Lily-May and Motiejus, who all completed the Summer Reading Challenge at the library. They have received entries into the Golden Book.