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Term 1

What a great start to Year 5.  I was very impressed to see how smart you all look.  This term, we have begun with a week block about Judaism - finding out more about this religion. We retold two stories about Abraham and also found out about the festival 'Shavuot'. 

In maths, we have learnt about place value up to 6 digit numbers e.g. 143,563 has 100,000+40,000+3,000+500+60+3.  We have also been exploring + / -10, 100, 1000, 10,000 to see what happens to the number.  Children revised how to +/- 4 and 5 digit numbers using column method and also finding the difference between 2 numbers by counting on (bar model or number line).  We finished the term with work on line graphs and timetables.

We have completed out first book 'Wreck of the Zanzibar', which we all enjoyed. Everyone wrote amazing stories as sequels to Michael Morpurgo's brilliant book. We have worked hard this term to improve the language used in our writing and also improve accuracy (punctuation and spelling).


This term, we enjoyed listening to a drumming performance (whole school event) and even took part! We also enjoyed a special treat - a visit from a travelling planetarium. This was a wonderful experience and we found out so many important things about our solar system.  We finished the first term with a group of 10 pupils from our class taking part in the Big Sing, held at Sheldon School.  The children were exceptionally well behaved and had an amazing time.  What a brilliant start to Year 5!


We have worked hard to honour our new School Code:

Be Kind

Be Caring

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Ready to Learn

Be Responsible


Well done to Lily V, Jaymii, Lily-May and Motiejus, who all completed the Summer Reading Challenge at the library. They have received entries into the Golden Book.