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What a brilliant start to Term 1 - the children are already working so hard.  It is lovely to see them all playing nicely together and looking after each other.  What great friends they are! We have been busy revising our learning from EYFS - numbers 1-10 and now to 20.  When we write 14, we say '14 is 1 ten and 4'  '18 is 1 ten and 8'. We are learning to read and now beginning to spell Phase 2, 3 and 4 words (see curriculum information for these lists). The children are enjoying finding out more about themselves - how their body works and what they can do.


Having completed their first few weeks in Year 1, the children have settled down quickly and are enjoying the challenges of Year 1. We have now completed our poems - By Myself, and start our new writing unit based on the book by Oliver Jeffers 'The Way Back Home'.  Wait until you see our amazing writing! Watch this space!

In Term 1 Week 5 we enjoyed a drama workshop with Perform.  We travelled into space and helped to defeat the Cruel Commander! The children completed phase 1, 2, 3 and 4 of space cadet training successfully - and had great fun! 

In maths we have started to add numbers and extra addition families e.g. 4+2=6, 2+4=6, 6=2+4, 6=4+2.  We will explore all the different ways of making 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

In science, we have completed our work on Humans: we have revised body parts and explored our 5 senses.

We completed Term 1 with our DT unit - how to make a Slider.  We designed sliders that enabled a rocket (or plane / hot air balloon) to fly into outer space.  This supported our English work on The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers!  The sliders worked really well and were sturdy!

In Term 2 we really worked hard on our writing, completing our own Firework Poems and also writing our own version of The Queen's Hat - a story by Steve Antony.  In maths, we worked hard on place value to 20 e.g. 13=10+3 or 1 ten and 3 ones.  We also worked hard on addition and subtraction skills using a range of equipment. The children loved learning about The Great Fire of London and also enjoyed learning about London today!  We named, sorted and described a range of materials such as stone, plastic, fabric, wood and glass. What a busy term with so much learning!

Term 2 and 3 learning

Wheelie Day 20th January

The children have worked so hard this term.  They have made huge progress in writing - having completed a recount about Wheelie Day and a travel journal entry - about our trip to Australia to look at the amazing animals!  This linked with our science work about animals.  We can now name and describe a wider range of animals and group in different ways, including grouping into mammals, birds, fish and reptiles.  We also sorted into carnivores, omnivores and herbivores.

In maths, they have worked hard to develop addition and subtraction skills and fluency / recall of facts.  The children have worked hard to understand place value to 50 e.g. 45 has 4 tens and 5 ones 45=40+5. They enjoyed Well-being Day on Wednesday 16th February and making our fruit salads in DT in the last week of Term 3 - everyone said it was delicious!

Term 4 and 5

We are always busy at school, learning and having fun!