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Democracy in action!

During our first week back we were very interested to receive a visit from our Member of Parliament, Michelle Donelan.  She came to see the children in response to some letters they had sent her about plastic pollution in the area and across the planet.  She listened to the children's questions and made notes of some of their ideas.  She also explained what it is like to work in the Houses of Parliament. 

Parents' meeting:  Monday 17th September, 2:30

Do please come along to our introductory meeting.  It will be an opportunity for you to learn more about what life will be like for your child in Year 6. 

Parents' meeting 10th October 2018

Please come along after school today to find out more about this year's residential.  The residential is a very important part of the Year 6 experience and will do wonders for your child's confidence, so we strongly encourage you to come and find out more!

Applications for Secondary School places must be completed with Wiltshire Council by 31/10/18.

The Termly Frog 

A group of children in Year 6 have been involved in producing a school newspaper.  They have met during lunchtimes to plan the contents of the paper, go out and about in the school as 'journalists' and then writing up their articles.  The first edition of the paper was distributed to classes in the school in the last week of term.

End of term reflection

The children have worked very hard during Term 2, finding out about Fair Trade and the historical trade route known as the Silk Road.

They have also participated in our end of term Carol Concert at Ladyfield Church.  They all performed fantastically well and were super role models for the younger members of Key Stage Two.  Well done Rowling Group!

Exploring the Solar System

As part of our science learning, we created some 2d scale shapes to demonstrate the relative sizes of the planets in our Solar System.  We had to use 1cm to represent 1000km.

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Roman Baths visit, 30th January

The children really enjoyed our day out at the Roman Baths!  During the guided tour (using a handset) and our session with the Education Officer, the children learnt so much to enhance their understanding of our topic.

World Book Day - Thursday 7th March 2019

It is World Book Day on Thursday, please do encourage your children to read as much as possible at home as they are all taking part in a Year 6 reading challenge to try to read for 200 minutes over the week.  Time reading is to be recorded in their Reading Records.  All parents are also invited to join with their children to read at the beginning of the day on Thursday.  We really want all children to participate in this year's event as reading is so important!  Thank you!


World Book Day!

The children all look fantastic in their costumes and were all able to talk about the books that were represented by their character or outfit.  We have taken part in a special quiz about our class book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, we have shared books with a younger class and we have had a special English lesson to celebrate the day.

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Beacon 2019

We had a really memorable 5 days at the Beacon in brilliant sunshine.  The children learnt how to cope with exciting new challenges, support one another, try out new food, get along with room-mates, live independently of home - and so much more!  It was a wonderful experience for every child who came with us - they grew in confidence with every day that passed and with each challenge they faced and overcame.  The staff team were so impressed by their positive attitude and good behaviour and we received very positive feedback about the children from the Beacon staff team.  Well done to everyone!

End of term reflection

The children have worked so hard this term preparing for SATs.  I have been immensely proud of their hard work and resilience and so impressed with the calm way they got through the week.  Well done everyone!  

As it has been such a short term, we have only been able to begin to explore the interesting area of the development of transport in Chippenham.  We still have more to learn in the future!

Next term we are going to be very busy, with special events like the annual Chippenham Games, attending Junior Good Citizen, preparing a play, completing our transition work, sports day..... it's going to be great fun!  So, enjoy your half term and come back ready to work hard for your final 7.5 weeks of primary education!