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Term 5

Term 5 was a very busy and exciting term.  All the children enjoyed our theme about dragons, knights and princesses.  They especially enjoyed the story books about dragons and wrote some amazing stories of their own. The climbing wall and archery were such fun and helped us improve our knight skills!  We also took part in a cricket workshop and enjoyed our fantastic banquet! What fun we had! See you photos below! 

Term 4 - full return to school 8th March

What an excellent start back to school.  It was wonderful to see everyone back and ready to learn. The children worked hard from the first day back to get learning back up to speed. We worked hard on handwriting, spelling and pace / stamina in our writing. They wrote some amazing character descriptions for Brigg (The Flower) and used some great expanded noun phrases to describe the Tin Forest. I was most impressed with their innovated stories.


In DT, the children all enjoyed designing and making their own vehicle with moving wheels. Take a look at some!

DT moving vehicles - Term 4

Term 2 Week 4, 5 and 6

Over the last few weeks, we have learnt about the three famous nurses; Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell. We have learnt all about their lives and why we remember them today.  We wrote some amazing reports about these famous women - with a heading, sub-heading, photos, pictures and many facts.  We have also enjoyed counting lots of money in maths.  Please continue to count a mix of pounds and pence e.g. I have £15 and 23p.  For the rest of the term we will enjoy our Christmas theme and write a range of Christmas poems to perform to each other.  Merry Christmas everyone!

Term 2 Week 2 and 3

We have been so busy over the last few weeks. The children enjoyed reading The Magic Paintbrush - and have now innovated their own version of this story. The stories were even better than the original! We have now learnt about our three nurses; Edith Cavell, Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.  We have found out so many facts about these famous women.  In maths we have been practising + and - column, now with an exchange e.g. 52-27 or 46+27. We will continue to practise every week using tens and ones alongside. Next week we start our new block 'Money' - so start collecting coins!


Term 2 Week 1

Welcome back to school.  We will continue to work hard and at the same time, keep safe.  Please note that PE is now on Monday and Tuesday so please wear your PE kit on those days. Home learning due in on Wednesday now using Google Classroom.  Copies of home learning will also be found on the website.


This week we continue to add 2 digit numbers using column:




+ 23


Also we are bridging a ten to make adding / subtracting easier and quicker e.g. 18+5 = 18+2 (to get to 20) +3 = 23 or 21-4 = 21-1 (to get to 20) -3 = 17.


We are enjoying our new book The Magic Paintbrush by Julia Donaldson.  We have sequenced the story and written our own version of this story using lots of story language. In the afternoon, we have been learning about three significant people from the past - Edith Cavell, Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.  We have learnt many things about the good work that they did to improve nursing and the care of poorly and injured people. 


We also enjoyed a Multi-skills Festival at school, developing key physical skills - run by Chippenham Sports Partnership. The children had an amazing time!

Term 1 Week 1 and 2

Well done children.  You have worked so hard this week - I am so proud of all of you.  Many of you received a collection of stars for home reading and home learning.  This week we have been reading Traction Man and enjoyed drawing our own super heroes.   We have started our topic 'What makes me, me?' and have been finding out about our body.  In maths, we have focused on place value of 2 digit numbers e.g. 67 has 6 tens and 7 ones.  We are now comparing 2 digit numbers and counting in 10s, 2s and 5s.

56<87, 50>15, 50+6<80+7.  We have partitioned numbers in different ways e.g. 67 = 60+7 but also 67=50+17.  You can practise this at home using your 10ps and 1ps.

Term 1 Week 3 and 4

During the last few weeks, we have written our own Traction Man adventures and we are beginning to use some amazing story language e.g. At that moment, Suddenly, In a flash, Quickly, Bravely etc...  We have continued to work on letter formation and our handwriting is improving quickly. In Science, we have completed our work about humans and animals and have just started the Geography linked unit - Where does our food come from? We are learning about dairy farming in Devon. In maths we have been comparing and ordering numbers.  We have also been counting in 2s to 30, 5s to 100 and 10s to 100 and back.  We are beginning to count in 3s to 36.  Please practise these at home in preparation for learning our times table facts. If you would like to see what this learning looks like in more detail, refer to the home isolation learning for greater insight.

Term 1 Week 5 and Week 6

This week we welcome Mrs Turck to our team.  She is a PGCE student teacher and is very experienced in SEN.  The children have got to know her over the last few weeks and she will now be with us 4 days a week for the rest of this term and much of term 2. All the children are working hard and are being kind and caring to each other. Mrs Coleman, Mrs Turck and myself are so proud of them.


This week I have started to stick passwords for Purple Mash (a learning platform) and Times Table Rockstars on home learning folders.  Times Table Rock Stars is now set at Year 2 level so you can start using this online resource.  Have fun!


Week 6:

This week, the children have worked so hard.  In English, we have continued to read the book The Day the Crayons Quit and based a lot of our writing around this book. In Maths, we have been revising pairs that total 10 and begun to learn pairs that total 20. We have been learning about where our bananas come from - finding out about a banana farm (plantation) in Coast Rica.

On Friday, we had a birthday celebration for all those children who have had a birthday (or will be) in September and October.  Mrs Coleman made yummy chocolate cakes for us to eat.  We sang 'Happy Birthday' and had fun with all our friends!

Next week we'll be making some delicious healthy sandwiches - writing our own instructions.

Week 7 and 8

In week 7, the children enjoyed making healthy sandwiches and writing their own instructions - everyone has made such good progress with their writing. In maths, we are adding and subtracting 10s to a 2 digit number and have just started using column addition / subtraction to record:




We also learnt about where our bananas come from and how they get to the UK.  What are your favourite fruits?  Have a look at the fruits and vegetables you have at home and find out where they came from.  Were they grown in the UK or did they come rom abroad?