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Always Learning and Achieving Together


Welcome to Michael Morpurgo Class!

We are Year 5 pupils and our class teacher is called Mrs Snowden.  Our lovely teaching assistant is called Mrs Sheppard. We all work hard and try our best.  We follow the School Code and make sure that we are kind to everyone.


We do PE on Wednesday and Friday but it is best if PE kits are kept in school for the whole term. That way we are able to do extra PE easily if we want to. Kits can then be taken home for a wash at half term.

Remember, school PE kit is:

  • plain white T-shirt
  • plain black shorts
  • daps or trainers (best for outdoors)
  • plain black joggers and a warm fleece for outdoor PE in the colder weather
  • no earrings (please remove studs or provide tape to cover)


Please bring your reading book and record book into school every day and take it home again each evening. Part of the ongoing home learning is to read daily. It is really important for parents / carers / older siblings to hear children read as often as possible and talk about the book - this is still important even though your child is a fantastic fluent reader! Don't forget to keep track of your home reading in the book provided, as this will earn you merits and entry into our Golden Book! If you read 5 times at home per week, you will receive 2 merits.


Keep an eye on this page for updates and information about our class.


Term 1

This term our theme is 'Michael Morpurgo - Wreck of the Zanzibar'. We will be enjoying this amazing book while improving our own story writing skills! We will be swimming on Friday afternoons this term - working towards out National Curriculum Award. 

We continue to use our PSHE scheme (Personal, Social, Health Education) - called SCARF (Safety - Caring - Achievement - Resilience - Friendship).  This term, we focus on friendship and keeping healthy. This scheme covers all areas of personal and social education as well as developing British values. We are also working hard to ensure that we follow our School Code - be kind, be caring, be safe, be respectful, be ready to learn, be responsible.  Now we are in Year 5, this last part of the School Code - be responsible - is something we will be working very hard to achieve.

Please refer to our curriculum information sheet for Term 1.



Term 2

This term our reading book is 'Why the Whales Came' and we will be discussing this book in depth during whole class guided reading sessions.  Our first main theme is 'What did the Vikings want in Britain and how did King Alfred stop them? Out home project is based on this theme.  We will follow with a short science topic about 'States of Matter', leading up to Christmas. In maths, we will learn about multiples, factors and prime numbers. We will also learn about squared and cubed numbers and multiply and divide numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. At the end of the term, we will investigate perimeter and area.  In this term, we will be cooking weekly with seasonal fruit and vegetables - helping us to eat at least 5 portions of fruit / vegetables daily.


SCARF (Personal, Social and Health Education) continues with a focus on healthy relationships and links well with our School Code.


Please refer to our Curriculum Information Sheets for Term 2

Term 3

This term we are reading Tom's Midnight Garden. In the first week we will complete an RE block - what other religions believe about God. Our main theme is 'What is a river?, when we will learn about the river from source to sea. Finally, we will finish the term with a two week science block - Earth and Space. Our SCARF (Personal and Social development) learning will be based around healthy relationships. In PE, we will develop rugby skills with Mr Kingwell (Sports Coach) and also complete unit 3 of REAL PE. In literacy, we will write clear and detailed explanations - about the water cycle and rivers from source to sea. In maths, we will multiply 3 or 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers e.g. 4521X34.  In addition we will divide a 3 or 4 digit number by a 1 digit number using bus stop method.  Later in the term, we will find equivalent fractions, add and subtract fractions and use mixed numbers / improper fractions.  

Please refer to the curriculum overviews for Term 3.

Term 4

This term we will be reading 'The Highwayman' - a poem by Alfred Noyes.  We will study this text in depth and use it to support our descriptive writing. We will write our own Highwayman stories making use of figurative language (similes, metaphors and personification).  In maths, we will continue work on fractions (adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions) and begin to compare with decimals and percentages e.g. 50% = 1/2 = 0.5.  In our history block, we'll be learning about Early Islamic Civilisations AD900 and will compare this with London AD900.  We'll also be able to draw upon out work on The Vikings. During our Science block - Forces, we will explore and investigate different forces, levers, pulleys and gears. This term, our SCARF (Personal, Social, Health and Emotional Development) focuses on healthy lifestyle - keeping safe.  Don't forget to bring your old clothes (and wellies) for Forest School every Wednesday!  Please refer to the Curriculum Overviews for Term 4.