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Welcome to Michael Morpurgo Class!

We are Year 5 pupils and our class teacher is called Mrs Snowden.  Our lovely teaching assistant is called Mrs Martinson. We all work hard and try our best.  We follow the School Code and make sure that we are kind to everyone.


We do PE on Monday and Friday but it is best if PE kits are kept in school for the whole term. That way we are able to do extra PE easily if we want to. Kits can then be taken home for a wash at half term.

Remember, school PE kit is:

  • plain white T-shirt
  • plain black shorts
  • daps or trainers (best for outdoors)
  • plain black joggers and a warm fleece for outdoor PE in the colder weather
  • no earrings (please remove studs or provide tape to cover)


Please bring your reading book and record book into school every day and take it home again each evening. Part of the ongoing home learning is to read daily. It is really important for parents / carers / older siblings to hear children read as often as possible and talk about the book - this is still important even though your child is a fantastic fluent reader! Don't forget to keep track of your home reading in the book provided, as this will earn you merits and entry into our Golden Book! If you read 5 times at home per week, you will receive 2 merits.


Keep an eye on this page for updates and information about our class.


Term 1

This term our theme is 'Michael Morpurgo - Wreck of the Zanzibar'. We will be enjoying this amazing book while improving our own story writing skills! We will be swimming on Monday mornings this term - working towards out National Curriculum Award. On Friday we will have cooking with Mrs Webb, Miss Reeves and Mrs Coleman.  I'm sure the pupils will learn how to prepare and cook many healthy meals and snacks. 

We continue to use our PSHE scheme (Personal, Social, Health Education) - called SCARF (Safety - Caring - Achievement - Resilience - Friendship).  This term, we focus on friendship and keeping healthy. This scheme covers all areas of personal and social education as well as developing British values.



Term 2

This term our theme is 'Is fair trade fair?.  We will build on learning about sustainability in Year 4.  We will learn about 'trade' - starting with the first trade route - The Silk Road.  Then we will look at trade between the UK and China today.  Also we will look at fair trade and understand what this means. We will be writing non-chronological reports and newspaper reports to discuss the issue of fair trade. This term in maths, we will be developing our multiplication and division skills as well as learning about area and perimeter. SCARF will cover healthy relationships and we will be participating in anti-bulling week. In PE, Mr Kingwell (our sports coach) will be helping us develop football skills. Please refer to the Term 2 curriculum overview.

Term 3

This term we are learning about the Romans and asking the question: 'How was Bath changed by the Romans?' In literacy, we will be writing chronological reports about the Romans.  After our trip to the Romans Bath, we will write a recount of what we did.  We will also write our own Roman myths - watch this space... In maths we will continue to work on multiplication (multiplying 2,3, and 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers e.g. 5623X24) and also divide 3 and 4 digit numbers by a 1 digit number. We will learn about fractions: equivalent fractions, comparing and ordering fractions and adding fractions (by finding the common denominator). This term we will be taking part in the Healthy Heroes programme delivered  by Up and Under Sports. This will include 1 hour of basketball or handball and also a lesson to help develop a healthy lifestyle (including screen time, peer pressure, healthy eating, drugs and also developing a healthy body and mind.) 

Please refer to the Curriculum Overview for Term 3.

Term 4

This term our theme is 'What is it like to live in Wiltshire?' This term we will find out about places we can visit and things that we can do in Wiltshire. We will use OS maps and find out about the human and physical features of Wiltshire. In literacy, we'll make a leaflet of the top ten places to visit.  Towards the end of the term, we'll study the classic poem 'The Highway Man'.  In maths, we'll continue our unit on fractions - adding and subtracting fractions, then learning how to multiply a fraction by an integer (whole number).  Following that, we'll begin our unit on decimals, fractions and percentages.  In Term 4, we continue our programme 'Healthy Heroes' working with Up and Under Sports. This programme looks at controlling our emotions, how to keep our bodies and minds healthy, E-safety  and a well-balanced diet.   In PE, we will complete our Rugby skills work and then begin cricket.  As part of Healthy Heroes, we will learn how to play Handball. We will celebrate World Book Day and enjoy a visit to Chippenham Library .

Term 5

This term our theme is 'How has the development of the railway changed our local area?' In literacy we will write informal letters (writing as the children) based on reading The Railway Children.  We will also write formal letters to Chippenham Town Council about our concerns regarding the new housing development at Bird's Marsh. In maths this term, we will be learning how to measure and calculate angles.  Also we will add and subtract decimal numbers e.g. 45.672+24.06.  In PE we will develop our cricket skills with Vicki (from the Cricket Chance to Shine Programme).  Mr Kingwell (our Sports Coach) will focus on athletics.  We will find out about the development of the railway and how this changed our local area. In DT, we will make a moving bridge using a lever mechanism. The class will visit Chippenham Museum again to look in particular at the history of the railway.

Term 6

This term our theme is 'Who is the Piper?'  This is based on the story The Pied Piper of Hamblin which will be our Key Stage Two summer production. All our learning will be based around this story and we will be working towards our production - writing play scripts, writing our own innovated versions of the story, making props and scenery, and also learning a lot of songs! Our PSHE (SCARF) learning will be about growing and changing. PE this term will develop fielding skills with Mr Kingwell and we will complete a REAL GYM unit. Please refer to the Term 6 curriculum map (see link below).