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maths week ideas

On Wednesday 13th May it is national 'maths day'.  The children in Fox class know that maths is used every day in lots of real life situations so below are some ideas of every day maths you can do at home or out on your daily walk or exercise.  



What is your house number? What number is one more? one less?

What numbers can you see in your street or near your house? 

Can you practice your number formation using sand/shaving foam/felt pens etc?


Place value

How many tens and ones are in 17?  23? can you make that number using pasta/beads/lego?


Addition and Subtraction 

How many knives, forks and spoons do we need for lunch or tea?



Play shops, can you recognise the coins 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2? 

How much will an apple and banana cost? 



- Length: How long is your bed? table? fence? 

- Capacity : can you fill a cup full/half full/nearly full? you could use water/rice/sand to help you.  

- Size: what can you find that is bigger than you? smaller than you? The same size as you. 



Go on a shape hunt around your house or garden.  How many circles can you see? triangles? spheres?