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Welcome to Dahl Class - Year 2


Our teachers are Mrs Snowden and Mrs Coleman. 


In Year 2, we like to work hard and try our best.  Find out what we'll be up to! 


PE kits will need to be worn to school on Monday and Friday in Term 3.  This consists of a plain white T-shirt and school jumper, plain dark blue or black shorts / leggings / jogging bottoms and trainers / daps.


We will change children's reading books weekly on a Friday.  It is important that they experience reading these books with fluency so several reads during the week will be essential. With harder books (from Purple band onwards), please read some each night and recap events so far, also predicting what might happen next. On a second read, you may want to model and encourage expression - changing the tone of your voice to add excitement.


Term 1

This term our theme is What makes me, me?  We will learn about animals and humans - what they need to survive.  We will also learn about how to keep our bodies fit and healthy.  We will design and make healthy snacks.  In addition, we will learn more about where our food comes from in our geography unit of work.  Please refer to curriculum overviews and knowledge organisers for Term 1 (found in Curriculum Information).


Term 2

This term our theme is 'Who were Florence Nightingale, Edith Cavell and Mary Seacole, and why do we remember them?' We will be learning about these famous nurses and comparing their lives. This term we will benefit from cricket lessons with a specialist cricket coach (COVID SAFETY MEASURES IN PLACE).  As part of our Recovery Curriculum, we will have twice weekly SCARF lessons (PSHE scheme of work) to ensure that children know how to stay physically and mentally healthy.  We will enjoy lots of art and crafts activities, especially when Christmas approaches! Our book this term is The Magic Paintbrush by Julia Donaldson. Please refer to the curriculum map and overviews for Term 2.

Term 3

This term our theme will be 'What is that made of?' - and we will be finding out about and investigating different materials. This science work will also link with out book Little Red Riding Hood.  We will read different versions of this book and compare. During the term, we will read many different traditional stories - perhaps you have some traditional stories at home on your bookshelf! In PE this term we will benefit from football skills with Mr Kingwell our coach.  Please make sure you wrap up warm and bring extra layers on this day (Friday). We will continue weekly PSHE SCARF lessons and provide top up lessons as necessary to ensure we meet the children's emotional needs during this difficult time. Later on in Term 3, we will complete an art unit of work - based on the work on Georgia O'Keeffe and William Morris (linking to woodland flowers in our forest setting).

Term 4

This term our focus is 'Will your plant grow?'  In science, we will learn about the life cycle of a plant, name parts of a plant and explore what plants need to grow. We will name some common garden / wild flowers. In English, we'll read The Flower by John Light and The Tin Forest by Helen Ward - making comparisons between these stories. We will write instructions - how to grow a sunflower. In maths, we'll learn about 2d and 3d shapes - naming, describing and sorting a range of shapes. Also we'll learn about fractions - 1/2, 1/4, 3/4 and 1/3. Can you cut your toast into halves and quarters?


IN SCARF, we will spend time discussing how we are feeling and developing techniques for relaxation - to develop and promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy mind. PE will be on Monday and Friday so please wear PE clothes on these days (plain black / dark jogging bottoms, trainers and school jumper).  Please refer to the Term 4 curriculum overview and knowledge organiser. 


Term 5

This term our theme is 'Who caught the dragon?' - linked to princesses, dragons, knights and castles.  We will read several fantasy based stories - The Dragon machine, George and the Dragon and also The Paper Bag Princess.  In science we will learn about animals - grouping (mammals, fish, reptiles / amphibians and birds) and learn about different habitats. We will also learn about what living things need to live. In maths we will revise numbers from Term 1 and 2 (as part of our recovery and getting ready to progress into Year 3) and learn about length and position / direction. This term we will complete unit 5 - Physical (REAL PE) and also Mr Kingwell will be our football coach (postponed from Term 3).  SCARF (Personal, Social and Emotional Development) will focus on money and saving.  Please refer to the curriculum map for Term 5 and the Knowledge Organiser for Science.


PE remains on Monday and Friday so please wear your PE clothes to school on these days.

Term 6

This term our theme is 'Who was Mr Brunel and what was his job?' We will learn about his life and the work that he did locally.  In PE we will continue with Unit 6 - Heath and Fitness and learn some athletic skills e.g. running, jumping, hurdling, throwing. In PSHE SCARF, we will think about the changes that will happen at the end of this academic year and prepare the children for these. We will revise Year 2 learning in maths, ready for the challenge of Year 3.  Please help with telling the time - to the nearest quarter of an hour (challenge 5 minute intervals) and also weighing in g / kg (perhaps cooking) and capacity (at bath time, use a litre jug to measure in ml - I have 200 ml in the jug.  Please refer to the Term 6 Curriculum Map and History Knowledge Organiser in the curriculum section of our class pages.

Please go to our curriculum page to view a copy of Phase 2, 3, 4 and 5 words.  There is also a copy of the Year 1 and Year 2 common exception words.