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Curriculum Information

Welcome to the final term of Year 2.

As the weather increases to warm up, please ensure that your child has a water bottle and sunhat in school (and apply suncream to them as necessary) at all times. Also can we ask that children maintain wearing school uniform and school PE kit on the appropriate days. Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday this term.


Our learning this term begins with a three week unit all about where food comes from. We will use atlases and world maps to see where our food travels to and from as well as looking at dairy farming in Devon. We will then have an exciting DT project looking at Axels and Wheels, where we will design and create our own food transporter.

I'm really looking forward to the children having tennis sessions with Miss Cole (our spports coach from Up and Under coaching) and also taking part in our Sports day in a few weeks.


Please ensure that reading books are returned to school daily so that we can read with your child and change them weekly.


Many thanks,


Mrs Butt, Mrs Coleman, Miss Jukes and Mr Nash

Welcome to the first Summer term!

Please join me in welcoming Mr Nash to our Year 2 team! Mr Nash will be assisting the class in their learning throughout the day and ensuring that lunchtimes run smoothly and are a fun time for Year 2.


This term begins with a 2 week Science topic exploring the needs of plants in order to grow in a healthy way. We will explore and investigate what plants need to succeed in life. This will be followed by an Art unit which explores flowers and nature in Art and in the work of famous artisits. Children will have the opportunity to draw, paint, print and model using clay. Our short term will conclude with a leadership unit in RE, where we will explore what qualities a good leader has and what it means to lead others. We will have PE on Wednesday and Thursday this term (Thursday outdoors) focusing upon physical skills in our REAL PE unit and Cricket in our sport. Please ensure that your child is reading daily at home and that it is being recorded either in their yellow book or on our GoRead app. We are seeing huge progress from those children who are reading regularly and it really is the best thing you can do to help your child get a head start in all of their learning. As the weather begins to get warmer, please remember to consult the school's uniform policy regarding safe and suitable shoes and provide your child with a sun hat when needed.

Many thanks,

Mrs Butt, Mrs Coleman, Miss Jukes & Mr Nash

This term learning will be based around our history unit - Who is Isambard Kingdom Brunel and why do we remember him? We will look at timelines to see when Brunel lived.  We will find out about the inventions he created and how he changed the lives of many people and continues to have impact on us today.

In English, our first writing unit will be based upon Pirates and will link in to us writing all about Brunel. In the second part of the term we will use our engineering knowledge to look at the book 'Building Boy' and write a story.

In maths we will learn to compare and measure length, weight and capacity alongside looking at fractions and how they relate to division and multiplication.

Our SCARF (Personal, Social, Health and Emotional development) learning will focus around keeping ourselves safe.

In DT, we will again use our engineering knowledge to learn about structures and bridges.  Please refer to the relevant Knowledge Organisers.

Our PE unit this term will look at our creative learning cog and link to our ball skills. PE will be on a Wednesday and Thursday this term.

Happy New Year!

This term, our PE days will be Wednesday and Friday, with Friday being our outdoor session. Please ensure that children have warm PE kit which is plain navy or black (white T-shirt) with no large logos (A school sweatshirt is perfect).

Please continue to allow your children to wear layers to keep warm as we maintain ventilation in the classroom.

Reading daily with your child has a significant impact upon all of their school work, please aim for little and often to help their recognition of words and increase their fluency.

Homework will be set on a Friday and be due in the following Wednesday. Please be vigilant and supervise your child if they are accessing online activities to ensure their online safety.

Many thanks

This term we'll begin with our History topic, looking at nurses from the past and their significance - please refer to the related Knowledge Organiser. After that we'll start learning about Materials and their properties in Science - please refer to the related Knowledge Organiser.  We'll learn about different stories that Christians value in RE and look at why those stories teach Christians so much.  In PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) - SCARF scheme of work, we will focus on how we are all different, celebrate our differences and also complete work on anti-bullying.  In PE this term we will complete unit 2 of REAL PE - social skills focus and also develop dance skills.  


Please not that PE will continue to be on Monday and also on a Tuesday this term - come to school on these days in your PE kit - black / dark jogging bottoms / leggings, trainers and polo shirt (blue or white) / school jumper or plain dark jumper.  We will also continue to change all decodable reading books and picture (library) books every Friday but please bring the decodable reading book into school daily.