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Curriculum Information

Thank-you to those parents/carers who joined us for the curriculum evening on 23rd September smiley

  • We talked about how to support your child at home (enjoying reading time together, practising the sounds and learning through play).
  • We also discussed how children learn - focussing on The Characteristics of Effective Learning. A booklet is available to inform you about this (please come and get one from me).
  • We also talked about how to say the sounds (using the jolly phonics actions to remember them - this booklet was given out this week with the purple phonics book).  I will be holding another session to support you with phonics later in the term, watch this space...!).
  • There is a good booklet available for parents that shows you what to expect at each stage of your child's development in the foundation stage. It is a free download available from:


  • TERM 2: Children will also be bringing home Word Booklets where they can practise reading the phase 2 HFW (high frequency words ie. keywords!). Words written in black are decodable (you can sound them out and blend the sounds to read the word   eg.   c-a-t = cat) and words written in blue are called the tricky words (read by sight, cannot be sounded out eg. the, go, no).