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Curriculum development

We aim for our curriculum to deliver the best possible learning opportunities for our children. Over the last few years we have worked hard to develop a curriculum that is right for Frogwell children. Our curriculum has therefore changed, evolved and grown as we have developed our practice and refined our approach, and there will continue to be refinements into the future. As well as following the national curriculum, children at Frogwell will also get the opportunity to have a range of other experiences. These are designed to ensure children have a wide variety of learning opportunities beyond what is required by the national curriculum. It is our aim that by the end of primary school, all children will have had a wide range of opportunities and experiences at school and these are listed in 'The Frogwell 20'.


AIMS:                         - To improve coherence and sequencing

                                 -  To provide greater clarity on the specific knowledge to be taught in each year group

                                 -  To improve retention of learning in the longer term

                                 -  To increase cultural capital and aspiration

                                 -  To create a strong focus on children's vocabulary development