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Curriculum development

One of our key School Development Priorities has been to further develop our curriculum so that it delivers the best possible learning opportunities for our children. We have chosen to do this as a teaching team over time in a planned and structured way, getting it right for Frogwell children, rather than trying to rush through a 'quick fix' generic curriculum. Our curriculum has therefore changed, evolved and grown over the past year or so as we have developed our practice and refined our approach, and there will continue to be refinements into the future.


What are the aims of our school’s wider curriculum (subjects and content other than English and Maths)?

                                 - improve coherence and sequencing

                                 - provide greater clarity on the specific knowledge to be taught in each year group

                                 - improve retention of learning in the longer term

                                 - increase cultural capital and aspiration

                                 - create a strong focus on children's vocabulary development


To re-develop our curriculum we have:

  • identified the strengths and limitations of our existing curriculum approach
  • created a ‘learning opportunities beyond the National Curriculum’ entitlement list (we call this the 'Frogwell 20')
  • visited another school to learn from their experiences of a 3-year curriculum journey
  • identified which subjects will be taught daily / weekly and which will be ‘blocked’ into subject-specific units
  • mapped out the sequence of knowledge for the subjects we will teach as 'blocked units' (History, Geography, Science, RE, Art and DT), both within and across year groups