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Always Learning and Achieving Together

Complex Needs Resource Base Curriculum

Within the Resource Base we offer an individualised curricululm for all children, linked to their Educational Health Care plan and advice from professionals involved with the children. 

Pupil progress is measured through the B Squared assessment tool, which enables small steps of success to be acknowledged. 

The pupils are supported by a team of SEN trained teachers and teaching assistants, which enables provision of a high level of support. 

The children access a Total-communication approach to develop their communication skills and independence. Staff are experienced at using alternative augmentitive communication systems, Makaton, Pecs, Widget and visual systems. 

All staff deliver personalised Speech and Language therapy, which is embedded across the school day. 

Where appropriate some children have opportunities to access mainstream integration sessions during the school week. 


All children receive the following provision where appropriate:-


  • Development of self-help and independent life skills such as dressing, toileting and eating skills.
  • PSHE development of personal safety skills such as road safety, stranger danger awareness and keeping themselves safe.
  • Development of sensory fulfilment through specialised programmes, such as, TACPAC and multi-sensory approaches to learning. 
  • Opportunities to access appropriate therapies such as, draw and talk and Elsa
  • From Term 4 accessing swimming sessions 
  • Development of listening and attention skills and support of communication skills through Attention Autism sessions delivered by trained AA staff 
  • Weekly story sharing sessions to develop communication skills in conjuction with parental support 
  • Colourful semantics to support Communication and Literacy skills. 
  • Fine and gross motor skill development and use of resources and equipment to support this, such as, cutting skills, Dough Disco sessions, finger exercises to develop dexterity, pencil control and the use of bikes and scooters.