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I would love to see the work you produce so please email it in to the office if you can.


Monday 21st September


Literacy: I would like to you draw the spy that will use the gadget you designed in our stories that will catch the criminal stealing the diamond. Once drawn, add as much detail as you can to the image. Then you need to describe every part of your spy's look using top quality adjectives. Include as much detail as you can. You could use an online thesaurus to help you. If you wish to challenge yourself you could also write key words to describe your spy's personality.

Maths: Continuing with our place value unit of work. See worksheet attached.

ICT: If you are able to access a computer I would like to do download Audacity. This is our software we are using for this term's topic of sound recording. It is safe software that has been approved for schools. Once downloaded and opened, in the top left corner you will see the play, pause, stop and record buttons. Have a go at recording yourself describing your spy you created.

P.E: On Monday's we have P.E with Mrs Gosal. I would like you to create 3 different balances and put them into a sequence.