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Monday 14.09.2020


Guided Reading: Design your own cover for our class text Operation Gadgetman by Malorie Blackman. 

Literacy: Designing your gadget. This gadget must be disguised as something you would have on your e.g. be part of your clothing such a shoes, a watch, a pen. You need to think about how it can do three things: 1. Get you to the location of where you need to be to stop a crime happening; 2. How it can stop the criminal from taking what they are after; 3. How you can trap them so they don't get away. Planning sheet is attached. 

Maths: Focussing on numberline to 1000 following WhiteRose planning. Powerpoint slides for you to have a go at as well as the worksheets. 

ICT: Download Audacity software if posible. It is a safe download that we are using in school. Have a go at recording yourself describing your gadget. You will see the different buttons to use in the top left corner of the screen. Play, Pause and Stop buttons can be seen. 

P.E: Find 5 different ways to balance. Then put some movement between each one to create a sequence. 



Literacy: I would like you to explain how your gadget works in as much detail as you can to your adults at home. You need to tell them all the fine details of how your gadget works and how it is going to stop a criminal! This is what we are doing in school. Your adults can ask questions!

Maths: Rounding to the nearest 10 - see worksheet attached. 

Science: Investigate pitch. Fill 5 glasses with different amounts of water. When you tap them with a pen (or something similar) the sound each glass makes should be different. Which one made a high sound and which one made a low sound? Take photos!



Literacy: Begin writing your explanation of your gadget. Remember you need a title and subheadings. The introduction should give a brief overview of what your gadget is and make the reader want to read on! Your main explanation should be clear, in order of how it works and have time connectives written throughout. You don't have to finish this today, you can finish it tomorrow. 

Maths: Rounding to the nearest 100. Maths worksheet attached. This video will help you. 

Science: Make your own musical instrument! Find anything you can around your house (with adult permission) and create a musical instrument that makes at least one clear sound. 

Mindfulness: Chair yoga session (KS2) on Youtube!