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Always Learning and Achieving Together

Visions and Values

Frogwell Primary School believes in developing the whole child and approaches this from three different perspectives. These are summarised in the following diagram.

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Of these three areas, we see equipping every child with the skills to be a life long learner as the goal that underpins everything we do.

To enable us to achieve this goal we are currently developing our understanding of Building (children's) Learning Power and are merging this with the school's long term learning values that were formulated in the time we were working with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Our aim is that we develop these values within our curriculum and in every aspect of school life. These personal learning values are not age-specific, they apply to children and adults of all ages and are embedded in the way we approach each day in school and how we develop positive pupil behaviours. 


Our Learning Values are as follows:

We encourage our pupils to have enquiring minds and the skills to reflect on choices and consider actions from a moral perspective.


We hope to enable our children to stick at tasks, learn from mistakes and try again.


We teach children the importance of effective communication, value cooperation and understand the need to be thoughtful and to respect the views and ideas of others.


We teach children to use what they know and adapt knowledge, skills and understanding to solve new problems.

IPC learning goals

The second and third areas are:

- Enabling pupils to achieve their potential across the curriculum so that all children make expected progress or better from their starting points


- Improving pupils’ physical, social, mental and spiritual wellbeing and


We recognise that learning and helping children achieve their potential is the school's core business. We also recognise that as well as English and Maths, there are many other subjects within the curriculum. Our goal is always to use these wherever possible to enrich teaching in Maths and English so that children are able to use and apply skills across subjects.


School activities associated with pupils wellbeing recognises that children need to be physically emotionally and mentally fit to cope with the things that life throws at them. Our approach is to help them do this through the things that we provide within or curriculum.


The legacy of our work with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is our view of the world.  We still see these views as important and aim to enable our children to explore through our activities, what it means to contribute to and be members of a British and international community.


This we hope is achieved through the curriculum we provide.