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This page tells you who deals with problems and what they will do.

What are the school’s responsibilities in relation to Child Protection?

All schools have a legal duty to work with other agencies, for example social services and the police, to safeguard children’s welfare. This summary explains what this means in practice and tells you where you can get more information or help.

Frogwell Primary School has a member of staff and a Governor who are responsible for child protection matters affecting pupils at the school. We also have a Child Protection Policy, which explains how we deal with child protection concerns, including allegations about the behaviour of members of staff and other associated policies. You can download a copy of these from the school's website "Policies Page" or get paper copies from the school office.


The designated staff members at Frogwell Primary School are as follows:


Designated  Safeguarding Lead                                        Mr. Paul Bacon (Head Teacher).

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead                             Ms Rachel Neville (Deputy Head Teacher)

                                                                                           Mrs Sheena Dudbridge (SENCO) 

Designated Safeguarding Governor                                  Ms Rowena Brookes


In relation to Child Protection, Frogwell Primary School must follow:

·                     the law

·                     guidance from the Department for Education

·                     local multi-agency child protection procedures


This means that if we are concerned about a child's safety or well being we have a legal responsibility to follow this up. This may involve talking to parents or carers to clarify our concerns. We may also ask for advice from Social Services or refer a  concern to a social worker and will and must share all relevant information about the pupil. By asking for advice or by making a referral to Social Service does not mean we are accusing any person of maltreatment or neglect. We are simply doing what is required of us by law and allowing other more experience professionals to decide what the best course of action is.

This should happen within 24 hours of receiving a concern.

The social worker will decide if no further action is needed or will decide that the matter needs looking into further. The action that is taken will depend on circumstances.


We will always try to contact you to let you know what is happening. The only exception to us doing this would be if we felt that by doing it we could put your child in danger of more harm.