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T4 wk 5

Wow! Another busy week! We started the week with snow and school was opened later on Monday... we still had plenty of time to play in the snow, making snowmen and snow angels smiley

We have been learning more about making 5 by splitting the whole number into parts (eg. 4 and 1 makes 5). How many ways can you think of to make 5?

We ended the week by enjoying lots of sports activities and raising money for SPORTS RELIEF.

Don't forget we wore odd socks to school on March 21st to celebrate World Down Syndrome day!

Picture 1 Snow Angels
Picture 2 Fun in the snow
Picture 3 Fun in th esnow
Picture 4 Teamwork Snowman!
Picture 5 Making 5 (part/whole model)
Picture 6 Making 5 using counters
Picture 7 A reasoning problem - does 3+3=5?
Picture 8 Can you prove it?
Picture 9 World Down Syndrome Day