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Always Learning and Achieving Together

T3 wk 3

This week we have been developing our subtracting skills through play and continuing to enjoy activities linked to The Gruffalo story, such as making healthy choices when choosing what 'tastes good on a slice of bread' (not a mouse, like the Gruffalo fancied!). We have also been blending and segmenting phonemes (letter sounds) to read and write words and simple sentences.

Picture 1 Enjoying The Gruffalo story
Picture 2 Blending sounds to read words
Picture 3 Matching letters
Picture 4 Matching initial sounds
Picture 5 Segmenting to spell
Picture 6 What tastes good on a slice of bread?
Picture 7 Collaborating with friends when playing a game
Picture 8 Using our skills of subtraction (how many left?)
Picture 9 Finding 1 less


We enjoyed sharing books with our parents/carers this week smiley