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Always Learning and Achieving Together

T2 wk 3

This week we have been busy learning the story 'Goldilocks and the 3 Bears'. We used Makaton signing to help us remember the story and were very lucky to have a visit from Tracey and Suzanne (from Singing Hands)! Also, we cooked bear cookies. At the end of the week we had a 'Bedtime Story' morning where we wore pyjamas and shared our favourite bedtime stories... we enjoyed chocolate milk and cookies, too! We raised lots of money for Children in Need as wellsmiley

Picture 1 Watch out, road works ahead!
Picture 2 Looking after baby
Picture 3 Discovering coins
Picture 4 Helping Goldilocks know what '3' looks like
Picture 5 Playing with the dominoes
Picture 6 Baking Bear cookies
Picture 7 Knowing our letter sounds
Picture 8 Making words
Picture 9 Recognising numbers
Picture 10 Walking the sheep!
Picture 11 Singing Hands (using Makaton)
Picture 12 Singing Hands (using Makaton)