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Always Learning and Achieving Together

T1 wk 5

We have been learning about 2D (flat) shapes. Do you know what a circle, triangle, rectangle and square look like? Have a go at 'shape hunting' and see what you can find...! Also, we have started to learn letter sounds (s,a,t,p). Can you name some objects that begin with each of those letter sounds? In cooking we made pear crumble, using the pears from our pear tree (delicious!).

Picture 1 Making shape pictures
Picture 2 Objects that begin with...'s' (smelly sock!)
Picture 3 Using the Ipad
Picture 4 Having a tea party
Picture 5 Can we fix it?...
Picture 6 ...Yes we can!
Picture 7 Weighing the ingredients for our pear crumble
Picture 8 Making the crumble (great for fine motor skills!)
Picture 9 Rainbow writing our names