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School Achievement

As a school, we are very proud of our achievement over the last three years and use this section of our website to provide parents with a graphical summary of the school’s Key Stage 2 performance. This information supplements the data contained within the school’s official statistics. When viewing these summaries it is important to note that all official and published information is for the Whole school, including pupils from our Complex Needs Resource Base.

Our 14 pupil place Resource Base makes our school special and unique within the Chippenham area, as we are the only school to offer dedicated provision for pupils with education plans to suit their particular complex learning needs.

The inclusion of their attainment performance with their Mainstream friends can make it hard for parents to make meaningful and fair comparisons between our whole school outcomes and those of other mainstream only schools, both nationally and locally.

The following graphs are therefore intended to help make this comparison easier by allowing parents to view all sets of information side by side and thereby demonstrate the good progress made by all of our pupils.



Note: National averages for 2015 are taken from 2014 averages as the 2015 figures have not yet been released.

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