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Lewis (Year 4)

Welcome to Lewis Class

Teacher: Ms Judd

Teaching assistants: Mrs Bain and Mr Nash

Term 5 

This term in English, Lewis Class will be using 'The Great Chocoplot,' by Chris Callaghan, as a stimulus for our own adventure narrative. During this module of writing, we will focus on including apostrophes to show singular and plural possession, and relative and subordinate clauses. Later in the term, we will complete several short pieces of writing based on our whole class reading book, The Boy Who Grew Dragons, as well as visual stimuli. 

In geography, children will explore the differences between a village, town, city and megacity. Using our knowledge of human and physical features, we will consider some of the 'push/pull' factors of megacities, as well as the impact of urbanisation on the environment. We will use our map skills to locate a number of megacities on differing continents, comparing and contrasting two of these. 

This term, we begin the first of three design and technology modules that we will complete before the end of the academic year. We will research, design and make an illuminated light (light box) with a specific user in mind. Finally, we will evaluate our product against the design brief to ensure its suitability for both the user and purpose, making revisions were necessary. 

For further information on curriculum coverage for Term 5, please see the attached Curriculum Map below. 


This term, P.E will be on Monday and Friday. On Monday we will practise our netball skills; working to develop our catching and passing, footwork (pivots), defending and working as a team to score points. On Friday, we will be working on our skill development in tennis; being in the correct position to return the ball, forehand and backhand shots, serving and moving to return a serve. Finally, working with a partner to score points against the opposing team. 

Please make sure you come to school in the correct P.E uniform. 

You will need to wear:

  • Plain black / navy shorts, plain white t-shirt or white t-shirt with school logo
  • Daps for indoor PE
  • Trainers for outdoor PE
  • Plain black / navy joggers and a plain black / navy sweatshirt or ‘hoodie’ may be worn for cold weather outdoor PE in the winter.
  • A blue school fleece with logo is also available
  • Please remember to pack socks for those who wear tights with their normal school clothes.

  Please do not wear different colours or clothes with other logos. 

Home Learning

Home learning will be set on Google Classroom on a Friday and is due in on the following Wednesday. 

Home learning extends on, and consolidates, learning that the children do at school. Ideally, alongside home learning, children should also be reading at home. Little and often is the best approach to take, this may only be 5 minutes a day.

If you have concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to speak to myself, Mrs Bain or Mr Nash. 

Ms Judd  (class teacher).