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Term 2 Week 5 and 6

What a busy time we are having learning our lines for 'A Little Nativity'. We are all working hard.  We have also been learning the story The 3 Little Pigs and wrote our own version of this traditional fairy story. We used story openers and noun phrases e.g. the hungry, grey wolf. In maths we have been learning our times tables.  We have used arrays (spots) and groups of objects to count in equal groups.  We used the sentence ' I have __equal groups with __ in each group.'      __+__+__=__       __X__=__  e.g. I have 4 equal groups with 5 in each group.  I have four 5s. 5+5+5+5=20  5X4=20.  Can you count in 2s to 24, 3s to 36, 5s to 60, 10s to 120?

On your way to school, please count in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s.


Well done to everyone who has received a prize for reading 5 times per week at home.  Also well done to all award winners. 

All costumes in on Monday 11th December please.

Picture 1 Multiplication problems __X__=__
Picture 2 Equal groups 4+4+4=12 4X3=12
Picture 3 Playing a left and right game
Picture 4 4 equal groups with 1 in each group 1X4=4

Term 2 Week 4

This week we innovated the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We changed the characters and the food.  Look out for our amazing stories at school.  We all worked so hard and are proud of our work. We remembered story openers, punctuation and worked hard to correct key word spellings. In maths, we continued to count lots of money and found different ways to make 50p and £1. How much money did you count?  We enjoyed making a slider - so we can move our character through the deep, dark forest.  We have continued our work on Healthy Friendships, following anti-bullying week (SCARF PSHE scheme).


This week, the Star Learner is Josh  because of his amazing story writing.  Our Citizen of the Week is Jessica - voted by her friends.  Also Responsibility Certificates were given to Callum and Hugh for improving learning and outstanding effort when story writing.

Picture 1 Award Winners!
Picture 2 Sorting materials, using scientific vocabulary
Picture 3 Bullying or being unkind SCARF
Picture 4 Straight shape in gym
Picture 5 Using apparatus
Picture 6
Picture 7 Dish shape in gym

Term 2 Week 3

This week we wrote the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We described the setting using lots of noun phrases. It is important to use lots of story openers such as Once upon a time... At that moment... In a flash...  In maths this week we have been counting lots of money.  Please find all the coins you have at home and help mum or dad to count the total.  We were lucky to go to cricket training at the Dome and practised catching, bowling and batting. Many children demonstrated amazing catches.  Well done to everyone.  We enjoyed Children in Need Day and look forward to finding out how much we raised.


This week Josh and Eden were chosen by the cricket coach as Sports People of the week. Finley was awarded Learner of the Week for amazing effort and improvement in writing. Joe was voted Citizen of the Week while Jasmine and Corey received Responsibility Certificates for superb effort in their learning at school.

Picture 1 Congratulations to award winners.
Picture 2 Crciket skills at the Dome.
Picture 3 Retrieving a roling ball.
Picture 4 Josh our coach heloed us.
Picture 5 Making porridge like Goldilocks!
Picture 6 Using money.

Term 2 Week 2

This week we launched our new theme 'I Love Stories' with a bedtime stories day.  We dressed up in our PJs and brought into school our favourite bedtime story and teddy bear.  We enjoyed listening to many of these stories.  On Tuesday we also visited the Life Van and found out more about how to keep healthy.  We enjoyed playing 'Guess the Feeling'.  Please complete the online questionnaire with your child so that the life van team can get some great feedback.  This week in maths we continued to add and subtract tens and ones.  We drew images of the tens / ones to help us.  We have been learning the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We described the character of Goldilocks using noun phrases e.g. long, blond hair.


This week our star learner is Alex for an amazing character description.  Also Molly was voted as Citizen of the Week. Responsibility awards were given to Blake and Callum for superb home learning and home reading all the time! Sports person is Eden for amazing control and gymnastic shapes.

Picture 1 Staight shape
Picture 2 Finding pathways
Picture 3 Using tension in my body.
Picture 4 Bedtime Stories Day!
Picture 5 Reading my book.
Picture 6 Alex loves reading!
Picture 7 Relaxing with a good story.
Picture 8 Life Van - meet Harold!
Picture 9 Learning about our bodies.
Picture 10 The night sky in the Life Van.
Picture 11 Award Winners Week 2

Term 2 Week 1

This week we have been learning about how Christians pray.  We have written out own prayers and also learnt about the Lord's Prayer.  We also started our REAL GYM learning.  We can make gymnastic shapes - tuck, straight, pike, straddle and star. In mathematics, we have continued to +/- 1s and 10s using tens and ones equipment.  Well done to all children who completed their odd and even projects - you all did so well.  Come into school and see our display of learning.  Taylor B was awarded Star Learner this week for his outstanding home learning project. George was voted Citizen of the Week and Taylor H was sports person because of his amazing effort in gymnastics. Riley CW and Amelia G were given Responsibility Awards for making improvements to their learning.  What a great start to Term 2! 


Remember our Bedtime Stories Day on Tuesday 7th November - wear your PJs, bring a teddy / blanket and a bedtime story book.

Picture 1 REAL GYM - tuck shape
Picture 2 Straddle shape
Picture 3 Pike shape
Picture 4 Straight shape
Picture 5 Exploring different pathways in gym.
Picture 6 Our odd and even walk.
Picture 7 Fin found his door - is the number odd or even?
Picture 8 Odd or even?
Picture 9 We had fun at the park.
Picture 10 Sharing and collaborating.
Picture 11 Odd and even home learning projects - well done!
Picture 12 Our Term 1 workshare - thank you to all that came.
Picture 13 We shared our theme books with our families.
Picture 14 Well done to all award winners.

Term 1 Week 6 and 7

This week we have learnt about the Human Life Cycle.  We sequenced the stages of human growth and wrote a report about what happens.  We remembered a heading and sub-headings. This week we have been adding and subtracting 1 digit numbers from 2 digit numbers using a number line, equipment and mentally.  We also began to +/- 10 to a 2 digit number e.g. 45+10, 28-10.  Please use your straw bundles (10s) and 1s to practise this. On Thursday Nurse Patient came to visit and told us all about her job.  We learnt about what happens when you break a bone and Molly listened to Jasmine's chest and heart.  On Friday we had a brilliant time at the Hardenhuish Multi-skills Festival.  We developed lots of new skills and enjoyed the climbing wall.  In the afternoon we had our last Forest School lesson - what a busy day!


On Tuesday (week 7) Mr Skelton from Chippenham Museum came to visit us and we found out about medicine and nursing a long time ago. We enjoyed finding out about the life of Mary Seacole - what an amazing woman she was!  Well done to everyone for super learning in Term 1.  Have a great half term holiday and don't forget to keep up home reading. 


On Friday 3rd November at 2:30pm, we will be hosting a work share in our classroom to celebrate our learning from Term 1.  


Picture 1 Our visit to Chippenham Museum
Picture 2 Lots of things to see.
Picture 3 We looked for clues around the museum.
Picture 4 You can visit too!
Picture 5 Our visit to Chippenham Library.
Picture 6 What is your favourite book?
Picture 7 Award winners - well done!
Picture 8 Shape hunt around our school.
Picture 9 We looked for right angles.
Picture 10 Nurse Patient came to school, Alex was her patient
Picture 11 She checked Molly's breathing.
Picture 12 Multi-skills Festival at Hardenhuish School
Picture 13 We had lots of challenges to complete.
Picture 14 The agility ladder was tricky.
Picture 15 The co-ordination game was a lot of fun.
Picture 16 Mr Skelton came to school.
Picture 17 We learnt about medicine a long time ago.
Picture 18 Here is Riley amputating a leg.

Term 1 Week 5

This week we had a visit from Fire Fighter Dawn who told us how to keep safe near fire.  We know we must never touch matches. Also we learnt how to STOP DROP ROLL if our clothes catch on fire.  Please complete the fire safety check (letter brought home on Thursday). We also visited Chippenham Museum and library. There are lots of exciting places to visit in Chippenham.  This week we learnt how to write a report so that we could write about things to do in Chippenham (our home town). In maths this week we continued our work on number bonds and we are getting much quicker.  We also recalled subtraction facts e.g. 100-20, 100-60, 20-15, 20-18.  We thought about how we can travel to school.  We must try to get to school in a sustainable way e.g. walk, scooter or park and stride.  How do you get to school?


Well done to Jake who received a Responsibility Certificate for amazing effort when using his laptop to write.  Also Finley was voted 'Citizen of the Week'.  Blake is sports person because of his brilliant ball control. Finally an enormous well done to Joe who is Learner of the Week for outstanding effort in all lessons.  Keep up the great learning!  All children who read 5 or more times at home in the week, all received a prize.  Keep reading!


Please don't forget swimming on Monday, Forest School on Friday (pm) and also our multi-skills challenge at Hardenhuish School on Friday morning.  Please wear jogging bottoms, trainers and your school jumper.

Picture 1 Have you been to the dentist?
Picture 2 Role play area - work experience!
Picture 3 Quick recall of number bonds for 20.
Picture 4 Fire Fighter Dawn came to school.
Picture 5 Matches, matches, never touch.
Picture 7 We know what to do if there is a fire.
Picture 8 Alex tried on the uniform.
Picture 9 It was very heavy!
Picture 10 Our museum visit.
Picture 11 We found out about Chippenham a long time ago.
Picture 12 Hardenhuish Bell was very loud.
Picture 13 We looked for clues.
Picture 14 What did you find?
Picture 15 Reading at the library shhhhh.
Picture 16 We love books!
Picture 17 What is your favourite book?
Picture 18 Award winners Term 1 Week 5.

Term 1 Week 4

This week we have enjoyed designing and making a healthy sandwich.  We were all able to write instructions to help us remember 'How to Make a Healthy Sandwich'. Also, we have continued to think about what kinds of food are good for our bodies.  It is important to eat breakfast everyday.  In maths we have learnt number bonds for 10 and 20 e.g. 6+4=10, 17+3=20.  We have also found other facts e.g. 12+8=20, 8+12=20, 20-8=12, 20-12=8. We are learning to tell the time so that we know when to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Can you tell the time at home - o'clock, half past and quarter past?


Well done to Riley CW who is star learner this week for amazing effort in his writing - you are working hard on letter formation and finger spaces!.  Also Mya was awarded Sports Person for her amazing collaboration when developing her rolling skill.  Jasmine and Alex were presented with Responsibility Certificates for their improvement in writing - Alex for improving speed and Jasmine for working hard on her presentation.  Well done to everyone.  Keep up your 5 reads a week.  Many children had a prize for their home reading!

Don't forget to bring in your permission slip for the library and museum visit on Thursday.

Picture 1 Well done award winners.
Picture 2 PE - rolling skills.
Picture 3 Finding pairs that total 20.
Picture 4 Our school fun run - thank you to everyone!
Picture 5 Ready Steady Go!
Picture 6 What facts can you make?
Picture 7 I can find pairs that total 20.
Picture 8 wash yoiur hands.
Picture 9 Spread the butter.
Picture 10 Cut the sandwich into halves and quarters.

Term 1 Week 3

This week Zoe, a dental nurse came to visit our class.  She showed us how to brush our teeth correctly and we found out about food that is good for our teeth and food that is not.  We must be careful not to eat too much sugar.  Also we wrote instructions 'How to Brush Your Teeth'. This week, our focus was on keeping our bodies healthy and we all decided that a good time to go to bed is before 7 o'clock so that our bodies have time to grow and repair.  We need to keep our bodies clean and also have plenty of exercise and healthy food - 5 fruit or vegetables everyday.  The best drink is water - 8 glasses a day!

In maths this week we compared numbers using < > signs.  We began to order numbers on a blank number line.  We solved problems such as 80+3 > 60+8. 


Well done to Jasmine and Amelia G who are 'Sports People' of the week - brilliant teamwork!  Also, congratulations to Blake who was voted Citizen of the Week.  Dillan was awarded Star Learner for his perseverance in all learning - what an amazing learner he is! Jessica was awarded a Responsibility Award for completing learning and trying her very best.  A special well done to everyone who earned a prize for 5 home reads this week.


DON'T FORGET - Our school Fun Run on Thursday.  Myself and Miss Reed will be running with Year 2 children.  Start time 3pm, all finished by 3.45 at the latest!  Prize and medal for all children who take part in France Class.

Picture 1 Forest School
Picture 2 Sharing ideas
Picture 3 Taking in turns
Picture 4 Teamwork
Picture 5 Listening to safety rules
Picture 6 Award Winners - well done!
Picture 7 ordering numbers
Picture 8 Football with Mr Kingwell our coach
Picture 9 Relaxing in the book corner
Picture 10 Visiting the opticians
Picture 11 Dentist visit
Picture 12 Sorting food that is good or bad for our teeth
Picture 13 Ordering numbers
Picture 14 Sorting nouns and verbs

Term 1 Week 2

This week we met Mike from 'Healthy Me' - a Wiltshire Council health programme.  We found out all about healthy eating and what kinds of food are good for a packed lunch.  He suggested a tasty cheese and cucumber sandwich on brown bread, a piece of fruit and a yoghurt.  He also reminded us to drink lots of water (8 glasses a day) and to eat at least 5 pieces of fruit / vegetables each day. We all wrote instructions ' How to Get Ready for Swimming' - we remembered numbered instructions and time openers. In maths we continued to make 2 digit numbers using different equipment and also partitioned in different ways e.g.






67=10+57 - try this at home with straws and 1ps! (Home learning this week)


Well done to Eden who is Star Learner for demonstrating such perseverance in both writing and maths.  She did not give up when her learning got tricky! Josh is Sports Person for good listening in PE and Taylor B was voted 'Citizen of the Week' by his peers for being such a good friend. Finley and George were given Responsible Learner awards for working well and getting on with their learning independently.  Well done to all those children who were given prizes for 5 reads at home.  Keep it up!


Next week (week 3) we start Forest School on a Friday afternoon with Mrs Dudbridge. PLEASE remember to bring in old, warm clothes and welly boots.


Picture 1 Mike gave us advice about healthy eating.
Picture 2 Let's get active!
Picture 3 Showing good concentration!
Picture 4 We are perseverant!
Picture 5 Football skills with Mr Kingwell.
Picture 6 We worked with a partner - great collaboration!
Picture 7 Award Winners - well done!
Picture 8 Lots of great learning.
Picture 9 Shall we measure using cm, m or kg?

Term 1 Week 1

Welcome to France Class.  What a great start to the new year.  This week so many children have got into reading straight away and got a prize for their home reading.  Next week your challenge will be to read 5 times at home to earn a prize.  We began our new theme 'Amazing Me!' and named different body parts. We also developed our drawing skills to help us draw a human body. We have worked hard to improve our spelling already and everyone arrived at school on time to complete their daily spellings.

In maths this week we represented 2 digit numbers in different ways - we used Numicon, tens and ones, money, bead strings and straws / cubes. We know that 37 has 3 tens and 7 ones.  We thought about the difference between 61 and 16.  We also measured different parts of our bodies using cm.  What a busy start to the year.


Well done to our award winners: Jake was star learner for settling in so well into his new class.  Molly and Hugh were awarded certificates for amazing effort and helpfulness! Also Mya was awarded citizen of the week for being such a good friend to everyone.

Prizes were given to Molly, Eden, Dillan and Josh for completing the library reading challenge.  If your child also taken part, please let me know so that they receive their prize.  WELL DONE!

Don't forget swimming on Monday and also our Year 2 Parent Meeting on Thursday at 2.40pm.