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Hoodwinked!  Year 6 Summer Production

Thank you to all the children who worked so hard to put on our summer play.  They stunned us all with the quality and enthusiasm of their performances.  True Stars!
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Year 6 Residential:  Dean Field Studies Centre

What a wonderful week we all had in the Forest of Dean.  The children had many fantastic and memorable experiences, from zip wire to caving in Clearwell Caves!  The children all discovered inner reserves they didn't know they had!  Take a minute to look at a selection of the photos we took while we were there, to get a flavour of the week.

Chippenham Games, Stanley Park

The children were magnificent in the annual Year 6 Chippenham Games, despite sweltering heat!  Our photos show a flavour of the day!

Folk Festival Schools' Day 2017

As always, the children were magnificent at the Schools' Day.  Despite the heat, they danced their socks off and really impressed the workshop leaders!

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Visit to Bristol Zoo

We had a really interesting day when we went to Bristol Zoo.  We learnt all about adaptation and evolution of different animals.  One of the education officers from the zoo led our Adaptation workshop, where we had some close encounters with real life animals.  The Tenrec was very cute, the mealworms less so - ask your children what they thought!

A taster of our zoo day!

A taster of our zoo day! 1
A taster of our zoo day! 2
A taster of our zoo day! 3
A taster of our zoo day! 4
A taster of our zoo day! 5
A taster of our zoo day! 6
A taster of our zoo day! 7
A taster of our zoo day! 8
A taster of our zoo day! 9
A taster of our zoo day! 10
A taster of our zoo day! 11
A taster of our zoo day! 12
A taster of our zoo day! 13
A taster of our zoo day! 14
A taster of our zoo day! 15
A taster of our zoo day! 16
A taster of our zoo day! 17
A taster of our zoo day! 18

World Book Day

Thank you for supporting your children with some super costumes!


Our trip to Bristol Zoo is fast approaching.  Please remember to return the letter about this so that your child can attend the visit.

Thank You!

We have once again been very impressed by the superb home learning projects that the children have been sharing with us.  Your support for your child's learning is much appreciated!

Special invitation:

In dance we have been choreographing and rehearsing a dance to an extract from Stravinsky's Firebird ballet score.  We would love to have the opportunity to share our work with you and so you are invited to come for a viewing of our dance on Monday 6th February at 2:45 in the school hall.  The dance only lasts for 3 minutes, so do please arrive promptly so that you don't miss it!  We look forward to seeing you then!

Merry Christmas!

The children have all worked hard over these past two terms - it seems hard to imagine that we are already one third of the way through Year 6!

We do hope that we will see many of you at Ladyfield church on Thursday morning for our annual carol concert.  In the afternoon it will be our class party, the children are welcome to bring party clothes to change into.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support of your children, particularly with home learning.  I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas!  I will look forward to welcoming the children back into school on Wednesday 4th January 2017!

Mrs Munday

Children in Need, 18th November 2016

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Thank you so much for your generous support of Children in Need Day.  USA Class raised £42 in donations and another £30 in coppers for our Pudsey picture.  Amazing!

Ancient Technology Centre Residential, 26th and 27th September

What an amazing two days we had, living as Vikings.  The children were absolutely fantastic, coping with the many jobs that Viking thralls (slaves) would have had to complete in a day.  They even managed to get to sleep on hard wooden benches (probably because they were so worn out!)

Their follow-up work has been fantastic, demonstrating how much they enjoyed their experience and learned from it!

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We held our elections for our two School Council Class representatives this week.  After each candidate had stated why they wanted to stand for election, we went to a vote.  It was a very close contest but we are delighted to announce that Denny and Maisie were elected!
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We are all getting excited about our two days at the Ancient Technology Centre in Dorset.  We aim to arrive as early as possible as the children's first activity will be to prepare an authentic Viking meal.  This means that the coach will be leaving school as soon as all the children have arrived - hopefully by 8:55.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD ARRIVES PROMPTLY AT SCHOOL.

Attached is a copy of the Kit List sent home last week - children should come to school dressed ready in outdoor trousers, fleeces and suitable shoes.  Do pack a raincoat as the weather is unpredictable.  Don't forget your child needs a sleeping bag and small pillow!