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Term 6 Week 5

This week we went on holiday to Braeside. We had an amazing morning at Avebury but got a bit wet walking around the stones. When we arrived at Braeside, we went straight to the farm. We met Farmer Butler and also fed his goats.  In the evening, we all completed nightline although it was a real challenge. On Tuesday we all enjoyed pond dipping by the canal and saw several canal boats go through the locks. In the afternoon we worked in teams to find minibeasts around Braeside.  Finally, on Wednesday we completed the low ropes course and also completed the team challenges.  What a great time we had!  Well done to all the children, who behaved so well.  We were all very proud of you.


Term 6 Week 4

This week we designed our own ice-cream sundaes and made our own ice-creams.  They were delicious.  Next we wrote instructions - How to Make an Ice-cream Cone.  We are getting very good at writing instructions. In maths, we revised fraction learning and found 1/2 1/4 3/4 1/3 of an amount using bar method. Thank you to all the parents who came to the maths work share - we are getting very good at our tables.  Keep practising over the summer holiday.


Term 6 Week 3

This week we designed and made our own model tents.  We used our collaboration learning power to be successful.  We shared the roles and worked together.  Next we wrote instructions - How to Make a Model Tent. We wrote an introduction, a list of equipment needed and numbered instructions.  In maths this week we revised our 2x. 3X, 5X and 10X tables - we are getting much quicker at answering. Also we worked out division problems - learning about grouping and sharing.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3 Our tent models
Picture 4
Picture 5 Maths work share
Picture 6 We played our tables game.
Picture 7 Press the scoop of ice-cream on firmly.
Picture 8 Making my ice-cream.
Picture 9

Term 6 Week 2

This week we had our Sports Day - well done to everyone in France Class.  You performed the opening ceremony well despite the music going funny!  Everyone tried their best and had a great time.  On Friday we had our beach day. What great fun we had!  Everyone was safe in the sun - we all had sun cream on and wore sun hats.  Some of us also sat in the shade.  The water was very cold.  The beach shop was very busy and everyone was able to pay using the right amount of money. We all enjoyed an ice lolly and some of us played cricket, football and other games with our friends. In maths we all worked hard to understand and use the bar method to solve missing number problems e.g. 14+__=30.  Please show your family how to use the bar method.  In addition, we worked in small groups to make up our own seaside poems.  We used lots of noun phrases.  What a busy week!


Everyone in France Class was awarded a 'Courage' certificate for their performance in our opening ceremony.  Louise was awarded Learner of the Week for improvement in handwriting.


Picture 1 We are working on our maths passports.
Picture 2 Yum Yum
Picture 3 What will you buy?
Picture 4 Reading on holiday.
Picture 5 How much does that cost?
Picture 6 Playing with my friends.
Picture 7 Playing a game.
Picture 8 Playing in the sand.
Picture 9 Paddling
Picture 10 What cold water it is!
Picture 11 Relaxing
Picture 12 Sports day was fun.
Picture 13 Beanbag target

Term 6 Week 1

What an exciting start to Term 6.  We have started to learn the opening ceremony dance for Sports Day - hopefully, it will be dry next Thursday! We completed our RE unit on 'Leaders' and will start our new theme 'We're Going on a Holiday' next week. On Tuesday we enjoyed our visit from 'Big Truck Safety' and will certainly remember to stay away from all lorries and buses as they can not see us or hear us. Well done to Lexi who won the catching challenge and is sports person of the week. Ava and Robert were awarded collaboration certificates for their great mentoring skills.  Cairon was awarded Learner of the Week for his great perseverance in writing.


Picture 1 Learning mentors - help us with our maths
Picture 2 Learning outside
Picture 3 Counting and playing shops
Picture 4 catching challenges
Picture 5 Maths passports - we are working hard
Picture 6 Big Truck Safety
Picture 7 The truck is as long as a humpback whale.
Picture 8 It is as tall as a giraffe.
Picture 9 Designing our own salad.
Picture 10 Grating skills
Picture 11 Passport certificates
Picture 12 Award winners.
Picture 13 Delicious salad is healthy.

Term 5 Week 4 and 5

What a busy last few weeks.  We wrote some amazing reports about Lions and made our clay animal models. In maths, we revised 2d and 3d shapes.  What shapes can you name?  We are also learning to tell the time.  Please work on this at home so we can tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes e.g. 4:20, ten minutes past 3. Well done to everyone who has worked hard to get to the top of the rainbow (our new learning reward chart).  Have a wonderful holiday!   

Term 5 Week 3

This week we visited John Coles Park to learn more about the park habitat. We all bought an ice-cream and played in the park.  We found many different shapes in the park, both 2d (flat) and 3d (solid). It was hard to find animals that live in the park.  We did find some birds nesting in trees and many minibeasts such as spiders, beetles and worms.  Thank you to all the parents who came to help.  Well done to Robert who was awarded Learner of the Week for improving the pace of his writing.  Leon was voted citizen of the week by his peers.

Term 5 Week 2

This week we have continued learning about animals and written our own version of the fable 'The Lion and the Mouse'.  We used lots of story openers and adjectives e.g. the tiny, brown mouse. Well done to all award winners this week.  Leah was given our star learner award for her effort in all lessons. Thank you to Mrs Provis who came to school with her cute dog - we asked lots of questions and found out about how to look after a pet dog.

Picture 1 Group habitats - we use collaboration skills
Picture 2 A visit from another pet!
Picture 3 Learning as a team
Picture 4 Collaboration games
Picture 5 We got to the hard challenge together
Picture 6 Congratulations to award winners

Term 5 Week 1

What a great start to Term 5.  We have started learning about animals and have had fun in our Animal Research Centre.  Anais brought her pet guinea pigs in to visit and we all had a stroke. We also enjoyed working in collaboration teams to make different habitats.  Well done to Mckenzie who is sports person of the week and Bradley who is Learner of the Week for amazing effort in both reading and writing. Anais and Rowan were awarded Collaboration certificates for friendship and Alliyah was voted Citizen of the Week by her peers.  Well done to all pupils who completed maths passports - keep practising at home.

Term 4 Week 6 and 7

Well done to everyone.  You have worked very hard this term and enjoyed finding out about the human body.  Now we know how to look after our bodies and our minds. We enjoyed researching the life of Florence Nightingale and you all wrote some amazing reports.  In week 7, we learnt about the Easter celebration and wrote our own version of events.  All the children loved our whole school Easter celebration - the Easter egg hunt was a huge success and everyone loved decorating their own Easter biscuit.  Thank you to Jonathan from Ladyfield Church for being part of our celebrations.


Well done to Ava who was awarded the 'Progress in Writing' trophy and Riley G who was awarded the 'Morality' trophy. Photo to follow.

Picture 1 Decorating our Easter biscuits
Picture 2 Easter Egg hunt
Picture 3 How many eggs did you find?
Picture 4 Jonathan from Ladyfield Church came to visit
Picture 5 Morality and Writing Award Winners
Picture 6 Mrs Rees' weekly story time - we can't wait!

Term 4 Week 5

What an exciting week we've had. Mr Skelton from Chippenham Museum came to visit and told us all about medicine in the past. We found out about early stone age medicine, Roman ideas on medicine, and also the work of the Barber who would also cut off legs or arms that were infected.  We enjoyed role playing and found out a lot of information about the past.  In maths we solved missing number problems such as 56+__=71, 34+__=48. Mr Kingwell set us a dancing challenge for Red Nose day and it was great exercise.  Lily-May and Logan were voted 'Dance Queen and King'. Well done to those children who ran 25 laps around the field this week.  Who will be the first to 100?


Great work from Riley Mc, who is learner of the week for superb reading skills.  Reading at home has really paid off! Lexi and Jessica were given collaboration and friendship awards for being good friends with everyone in the class and making sure no one is left out. Harvey was voted Citizen of the Week.

Picture 1 Find me a chicken!
Picture 2 Sacrifice the chicken.
Picture 3 Cut open the dead body.
Picture 4 What we used to help us.
Picture 5 Barber doctor will cut off your leg.
Picture 6 Hold him down because he will scream.
Picture 7 Putting pepper in Jessica's mouth (pretending)
Picture 8 Leeches sucking the blood.

Award winners and star learners.

Award winners and star learners. 1 Passport awards.
Award winners and star learners. 2 We read 5 times at home this week.
Award winners and star learners. 3 Award winners.
Award winners and star learners. 4 Dance off!

Term 4 Week 4

This week we have been learning about nursing and medicine.  Nurse Patient came to visit and told us all about her job.  She showed us how to use a triangular bandage correctly and also how to listen to your breathing using a stethoscope. We asked lots of questions and found out what an exciting job nursing is.  What do you want to be when you are older?  In maths we learnt how to find change by counting on using a number line e.g. £1-27p = (27p+3p gets me to 30p, +70p gets me to £1 so my change is 73p).


This week our Learner of the Week was Ephram for his amazing work in maths all week.  He has challenged himself all week and also enjoyed the maths problems at the local schools maths event on Wednesday.  Well done to Rhianna as well who accompanied Ephram. Leon and Lexi were awarded collaboration certificates for their developing teamwork skills. Leah was voted Citizen of the Week and Riley M was Sports Person because of his perseverance in getting off the floor without using his hands (which he has worked on all week). 

Picture 1 Nurse Patient came to our class.
Picture 2 She told us about nursing.
Picture 3 She has to work very hard.
Picture 4 Keeping our bodies fit in PE - REAL Gym
Picture 5 What shape can you make?
Picture 6 Anais' tortoises came to visit!
Picture 7 Award Winners this week.

Term 4 Week 3

This week we have been thinking about how to keep healthy and look after our bodies.  We know it is important to go to bed early and get plenty of sleep so we can learn.  Also we sorted food into the different food groups and Mrs Webb and Miss Reeves told us all about the 'Eat Well Plate'.  We made carrot soup and wrote instructions to remember. What is your favourite soup? In addition, we talked about keeping our bodies clean and the importance of exercise.  What happens to your body when you run around and play games?  Thank you to all the parents who came to the maths parent work share and found out about our new 'Maths Passport' challenges.  Who will be the first to achieve France passport?


This week Luca was awarded Learner of the Week for amazing effort in writing.  Lily and Jaymii were given collaboration certificates for working well in a team and being friendly with everyone.  Cody was voted Citizen of the Week.

Picture 1 Mrs Webb and Ms Reeves told us about healthy food.
Picture 2 Making Carrot Soup
Picture 3 Cutting carefully
Picture 4 Tasting the soup!
Picture 5 Yummy!
Picture 6 Maths Workshare - making 8 game
Picture 7 We had to be quick!
Picture 8 We read 5 or more times.
Picture 9 Award Winners Week 3

Term 4 Week 2

What another busy week. Well done to all the children who took part in the Chippenham Schools' Dance Festival.  You were all amazing and I was very proud of you.  This week we have been learning about the human skeleton and what is inside our body.  We wrote some fantastic reports with a heading and sub-headings.  In maths we bought lots of healthy fruit and used our times table facts to help us.  We also measure different body parts using cm and m.  Who is the tallest in our class?  Who is the shortest? 


This week our star learner is Lily-May for outstanding effort in all learning at school AND at home!  A 'Collaboration' award was given to France Dance Team (refer to photo below). Olly was voted Citizen of the Week.

Picture 1 Award winners - well done!
Picture 2 We read 5 or more times at home this week.
Picture 3 Keeping fit - we want a healthy heart
Picture 4 World Book Day reading share.
Picture 5 Sharing a story
Picture 6 Brushing our teeth - don't miss out a tooth!
Picture 7 We brush for 2 minutes
Picture 8 Measuring body parts
Picture 9 How tall are you?
Picture 10 Our performance at Abbeyfield
Picture 11 The start of our dance
Picture 12 France Dance Team

Term 4 Week 1

This week we have begun our theme Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds.  Well done to the children who completed their half term projects.  Prizes were given to everyone and Ephram won a book as the overall winner. You found out such a lot about our bodies! This week we named all the parts of the body and enjoyed playing the game Simon Says.  In maths we learnt how to find 1/2 1/4 3/4 of a number - challenge 1/3 and 2/3 of a number.


This week our star learner was Keri-ann as she managed to complete all learning with a broken arm.  Also Cody and Logan were given Collaboration awards for great team work. Lexi was voted Citizen of the Week by her peers.  Finally Harvey was awarded Sports Person of the week for his participation in PE - 100% effort all the time and listening well.  Well done to those children who managed 5 reads this week as we only had 4 nights to count.  Also well done to all those children who read 5 or more times during the half term holiday - so many of you!  Everyone was rewarded with a prize.

Picture 1 Award Winners
Picture 2 We read 5 times this week - excellent!
Picture 3 sharing ideas for our new theme
Picture 4 Keeping fit
Picture 5 Working with a friend
Picture 6 Shapes in gymnastics
Picture 7 Different pathways

Term 3 Week 6

This week we have learnt about how Christians believe the world began. We learnt the Creation Story and wrote our own versions. In maths we have practised our times tables (X2, X3, X5, X10) and also continued to mentally +/- numbers.


This week Mckenzie was awarded Star Learner - what amazing effort in writing and maths - keep up the great work at school. Riley G was awarded a Collaboration certificate for supporting other learners in our class.  A team of four girls were sports people this week for great team work and skill; Lily-May, Anais, Rhianna and Ava. Also Chica was voted Citizen of the Week.  Well done to everyone who read at least 5 times at home this week - you were all given prizes.  Amy went to the tea party with Mr Bacon for outstanding effort at school everyday.

Picture 1 We read at least 5 times at home!
Picture 2 Award Winners
Picture 3 Learning mentors in maths
Picture 4 Showing collaboration
Picture 5 Helping each other
Picture 6 Ordering numbers - as a team!
Picture 7 Reading Buddies
Picture 8 We help each other with our learning.

Term 3 Week 5

This week we innovated our own Three Little ____ stories and came up with some amazing stories.  We have been learning to name and describe 2d and 3d shapes.  What shapes can you name?  All week, we have worked on time so that when we are older, we are not late for work!


This week the star learner is Olly who is working very hard to improve his writing.  Also Lily-May, Anais and Bradley were the sports people of the week due to brilliant effort and teamwork. Shay was given the golden ticket because of outstanding effort all week in all lessons. Ephram was voted Citizen of the Week by his peers.  Aaliyah was given a Collaboration Certificate for being a considerate member of a team. Well done to you all.

Picture 1 Award Winners this week
Picture 2 We read 5 or more times at home this week!

Term 3 Week 4

This week we have been learning the story of The Three Little Pigs.  We described the characters using expanded noun phrases and also wrote our own 'Three Little Pigs' stories.  We have made our own 2d shape pigs and worked collaboratively on our group pictures, with a moving slider.  In maths, we worked on change and counted on to find the difference between e.g. 50p-37p= 13p (37p +3p gets me to 40p, +10p gets me to 50p).


This week we had a brilliant turn out for our family reading share - thank you to all of you that stayed to read with your child. Look how many children achieved their 5+ reads this week!  Well done to your all.  Congratulations to Ava who is Star Learner of the Week - you are working very hard in all lessons and demonstrating amazing collaboration. Ephram and Robert also received Collaboration Certificates for working well in teams and getting the job done. Anais went to the tea party - well deserved!  Finally Bradley and Anais were awarded Sports Person of the Week for finding space and working for the good of the team. Bradley was also voted Citizen of the Week.

Picture 1 Showing our collaboration learning power
Picture 2 Co-ordinates A3 - to help Little Red Riding Hood
Picture 3 PE - helping each other
Picture 4 Our Golden Ticket Winner!
Picture 5 Award Winners - well done.
Picture 6 Collaboration - listening to instructions


Term 3 Week 2 and 3

What a busy few weeks.  We have been learning the story Little Red Riding Hood and can now retell it by ourselves.  We have also innovated the story - we changes all the characters.  Look out for our own versions of the story - they are even better than the original! We have described the characters and the setting - the dark, gloomy forest.  In maths we have been learning our pairs that total 10, 20 and 100.  We have also been working our near pairs e.g. if 6+4=10, 6+5=11. 


Well done to Chica who is this week's star learner - what an amazing Little Red Riding Hood story!  Rhianna and Bradley received Perseverance awards for 'stretching' their learning.  Jaymii was voted Citizen of the Week by her peers.


REMEMBER - there are prizes for all children who read 5 times in a week.  Good luck!


Term 3 Week 1

This week we all enjoyed our trip to the theatre immensely.  We loved watching the pantomime 'Cinderella' - what a great way to start our new theme 'The Big Bad Wolf!'. Well done to all the children who completed their home learning and continuing to read regularly throughout the Christmas holiday.  Happy New Year!

Term 2 Week 6

This week has been very busy.  We have performed our play I Spy Christmas - well done to your all.  It was worth all the hard work.  Thank you to all the parents who brought in amazing costumes for their children to wear.  We have written some great poems this week and have performed them to each other. Perhaps you could write your own poem at home and read it to your family.


Well done to Harvey who was star learner this week for excellent progress in reading, writing and maths.  You have been working hard at school and also at home with reading and completing home learning activities well. Olly was awarded a perseverance certificate for effort in reading.  Olly has also been reading every day at home! Riley Mc was voted Citizen of the Week by his peers.  Lily-May was awarded Sports Person of the Week by Mr Kingwell for amazing team work skills.

Picture 1 Award Winners
Picture 2 Line tag - with Mr Kingwell
Picture 3 Look around in all directions
Picture 4 Show Practice
Picture 5 Learning our songs
Picture 6 Performing
Picture 7 Listening to each other

Term 2 Week 5

This week we had a visit from Mr Skelton who works at Chippenham Museum.  We found out about clothes in the past.  We also made our own timeline of clothes.  Rowan and Amy dressed up as a lord and lady from the middle ages while Lily-May dressed up as a Saxon girl. We all wore Victorian clothes and found out why children wore these clothes. Well done to everyone who has kept up with their home reading - what a difference it makes.


Thank you to all the children who brought in games on Friday - you all looked great in your Christmas outfits!  Well done to Riley G who was awarded Learner of the Week.  Many children also received 5 and 10 Golden Book Entry Certificates. Keep up this amazing learning and we may get some 20 entries certificates as well.

Picture 1 Middle Ages - Lord and Lady
Picture 2 Middle Ages Knight
Picture 3 Victorian Dressing Up
Picture 4 Clothes Through the Ages
Picture 5 Saxon Clothes
Picture 6 A Gentleman's Jacket from 200 years ago
Picture 7 Our Award Winners

Term 2 Week 4

What another busy week!  This week we have found out about clothes that you should wear in hot, cold and wet weather.  We brought our teddy bears into school and made scarfs and jackets for them.  We measured around the neck and doubled this to make the scarf.  Next we made jackets and a belt.  To make the belt, we measured around the waist and then added 4cm for an overlap.  Our teddies look amazing! We wrote some great reports about clothes in different weather and used sub-headings to organise our writing.  In maths we became experts at near doubles e.g. 7+8 (7+7=14 so 7+8=15).  Thank you to all the children who stayed at school to see Father Christmas. He was very impressed with all the children in France Class.  Keep up the hard work.


This week Amy was awarded Star Learner for brilliant effort at school AND at home. What a hard working member of France Class! Jessica and Shay were given perseverance certificates for having a go and getting on - you are getting yourself 'unstuck'.  Ephram and Cairon were chosen as Sports People of the Week for their ability to find spaces when playing a team game. Lily-May was voted Citizen of the Week  by her peers.

Picture 1 Well done award winners!
Picture 2 My teddy outfit
Picture 3 Measuring with my learning partner
Picture 4 Patterns on my scarf
Picture 5 I doubled the neck measurement to make the scarf
Picture 6 Using a metre ruler
Picture 7 My teddy wearing his scarf
Picture 8 What smart clothes!
Picture 9 Estimate first

Term 2 Week 3

This week we found out about the different clothes that people wear to work.  We used commas in a list to help describe the outfits e.g. The police officer wears a black jacket, black trousers, white shirt and a black tie.  We dressed up in our own work clothes - and all looked very smart.  Ava and Jessica were nurses for the day while I had many teachers to help me!  Luckily, PC Gratton and Fire Fighter Riley were on hand if we needed assistance. In maths we measured length using cm and m, and also developed our understanding of position words (especially left and right). On Thursday, France class were very excited about our visit to the Life Education Van.  We learnt about feelings and inside our bodies.  We had a great time!


I hope you all enjoyed Children in Need and looked amazing in your spots.  Well done to everyone who participated in the fun run.  I am sorry I missed all the fun, I was poorly in bed.

Picture 1 Life Van
Picture 2 Learning about feelings
Picture 3 Learning about inside our body
Picture 4 Can you name the parts?
Picture 5 Forest School
Picture 6 Helping each other
Picture 7 Forest crown
Picture 8 Another forest crown
Picture 9 Fun in the woods

Term 2 Week 2

This week we launched our new theme 'All Dressed Up' with a fashion show.  We dressed up in our favourite outfits to show all our friends.  We have sorted different materials and used science words such as transparent, opaque, hard, soft, smooth, rough, fragile, durable, bendy, flexible and rigid.  In maths we have used TU to +11 and -11 e.g. 45+11=  45-11=.  We drew pictures of the tens and ones to help us.


This week our star learner is Shay for having a go at writing by himself using sounds that he knows - well done.  Cairon was awarded a perseverance certificate for his hard work to improve handwriting and Logan for challenging himself in maths.  Rowan is sports person of the week for excellent throwing and catching and Robert is Citizen of the Week as voted by his peers.

Picture 1 Fashion Show
Picture 2 Look at my favourite clothes.
Picture 3 Who am I?
Picture 4 Forest School
Picture 5 Collaboration
Picture 6 Exploring
Picture 7 Investigating
Picture 8 Throwing and catching skills with our sports coach
Picture 9 We need to concentrate!
Picture 10 Award Winners

Term 2 Week 1

This week we have completed a block of work on Prayer in RE.  We have written our own prayers and designed a prayer candle. We thought about the different ways of communicating and also thought about where people like to pray.  In maths we revised place value and learnt about number families e.g. 45=40+5, 45=5+40, 45-5=40, 45-40=5.  We began our gym unit of work and practised different gymnastic shapes that we can use to make up our own routines.


Our star learner this week is Bradley - he wrote a superb prayer and has really enjoyed our work on prayers this week. The sports person this week is Lily for her accurate throwing and catching. Louise was voted 'Citizen of the Week' by her peers - she has been helpful and considerate to her class mates. Perseverance awards were given to Ava and Amy for showing perseverance at school and at home when completing home learning and reading everyday!  Excellent.

Picture 1 Well done to you all
Picture 2 Straight shape
Picture 3 Straddle shape
Picture 4 Pike shape
Picture 5 Star shape

Term 1 Week 7

What a busy term.  The children have worked hard and made good progress.  Well done to the children who have read regularly at home - we can see a real improvement in your reading skills!  This week the children enjoyed becoming weather reporters.  They wrote weather reports for Chippenham and read it in a clear voice. In maths this week, we have revised 3d shapes (cone, cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere, pyramid etc...) and 2d shapes (triangle, rectangle etc...).


This week the star learner is Leon for his amazing weather report - you showed great concentration and good pace in your writing. Perseverance awards were given to Mckenzie and Anais for not giving up on learning.  Rowan was awarded sports person of the week. Keri-ann was awarded Citizen of the Week for her kindness and helpfulness.

Picture 1 Well done to our award winners.
Picture 2 Performance of our new school song.
Picture 3 Practising our times tables.
Picture 4 Guess the shape - 6 sides and corners.
Picture 5 Guess the shape - 3 sides and corners.
Picture 6 Can you spot any triangles in your home?

Term 1 Week 6

This week we have made our own shakers.  We explored sounds around us and sorted loud and quiet sounds. The children wrote some amazing instructions to explain how to make a shaker. In maths this week we have continued to tell the time.  Can you spell the days of the week? (spelling group C for next week) We also revised 3d shapes.  What 3d shapes can you find around you?  Where might you see a sphere, cone, cylinder, cube and cuboid?


The star learner this week is Jessica for showing such perseverance when writing her 'How to Make a Shaker' instructions.  Lily-May and Lexi were awarded perseverance certificates for working hard at their individual challenges and not giving up. Cody was awarded sports person because of his amazing swimming without a woggle!  Finally Robert was voted Citizen of the Week  by his peers.  Well done to everyone.

Picture 1 Well done to award winners.
Picture 2 Popping Pirates game
Picture 3 We used our 1 leg balance

Term 1 Week 5

This week, we enjoyed our trip to Chippenham Museum to find out about Chippenham a long time ago. Mr Skelton showed us the old school, the oldest house in Chippenham and a building that used to be a factory.  On Friday we all persevered at the multi-skills festival held at Hardenhuish School.  We worked hard and had a lot of fun! In maths this week we have been counting lots of money and also continued out work on halving (shapes and numbers). Our recount writing about our visit to the museum also showed how much our perseverance muscle is developing. We used time openers (First...Then... Next...) and WOW adjectives.


This week our star learner was Lily for excellent effort when writing her recount .  Perseverance certificates were awarded to Leah and Louise.  Anais was voted 'Citizen of the Week' by her peers for helping others and showing great kindness towards others. Our 'Sports Person' was Lexi who impressed everyone with her concentration and effort during the multi-skills festival.

Ava got the golden ticket and went to Mr Bacon's tea party.

Picture 1 Award Winners
Picture 2 Halving using conkers
Picture 3 Boxing
Picture 4 Co-ordination
Picture 5 Teamwork
Picture 6 Balancing
Picture 7 Listening to instructions
Picture 8 More teamwork
Picture 9 Mr Skelton's tour of Chippenham
Picture 10 The old school
Picture 11 We had to look carefully
Picture 12 The oldest house in Chippenham
Picture 13 Where is this?

Term 1 Week 4

This week we enjoyed our walk around the local area to identify human (made by people) and physical (natural) features.  We found lots more human features because we live in a town. Our favourite part of the walk was playing at the park!  While we were out walking, we found lots of odd and even numbers.  Do you live in a house or flat with an odd or even number? We did find lots of rubbish on the ground which made us sad.  Tell your family the story of The Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish.



This week Ava was voted 'Citizen of the Week' by her peers. Leon was picked as Sports Person because of his amazing football skills. Logan was Learner of the Week for his effort in writing and super hard maths challenges.  Finally, Riley Mc and Lily were awarded Perseverance awards for never giving up!  Well done to you all.

Picture 1 Celebration!
Picture 2 Reading Buddies from year 4 and 5
Picture 3 We enjoy reading with our buddies.
Picture 4 At the park
Picture 5 On our walk
Picture 6 More fun at the park
Picture 7 Sorting odd and even numbers
Picture 8 Natural art - in the style of Andy Goldsworthy

Term 1 Week 3

This week we have enjoyed designing and making apple bird feeders.  We have identified features of instruction writing and had a go at writing our own instructions.  We had to use our perseverance learning power and NOT give up.  In maths this week, we have worked hard on our times tables and we will now practise every week so we get faster.  We are working on our 2X, 5X and 10X tables (challenge 3X).  Can you solve 2X7 (2+2+2+2+2+2+2), 5X3 (5+5+5) and 10X4 (10+10+10+10)? Use cards in the home learning section of our class page to help - NEVER give up!


This week Chica and Olly showed super perseverance when writing their instructions - they got stuck but carried on and asked for help from their peers.  They both received certificates.  Amy was voted Citizen of the Week and School Councillor alongside Riley G.  Sports Person of the week was Bradley for super balancing in PE and our learner of the week was Aaliyah for working hard to improve her writing and whooshing on the line.  Well done!

TALK TOPIC next week - My favourite animal

Picture 1 Award Winners
Picture 2 X table number sentences
Picture 3 Using Numicon to help us
Picture 4 Helping with X tables
Picture 5 using 2ps 5ps 10ps to help
Picture 6 Aaliyah's bird feeder
Picture 7 Following instructions

Term 1 Week 2

What another busy week!  Although we were unable to visit the woods, the children collected leaves around the school to use in our learning.  They enjoyed outdoor art with Mr Bacon and made some amazing 3d art using twigs, leaves and berries.  We talked about NOT putting berries near our mouths and washing our hands afterwards! France Class showed amazing perseverance while swimming and are now looking forward to our weekly swimming lessons.  We found out about the four seasons and wrote super reports to explain more. In maths this week we explore +/- 1s and +/- 10 using number lines (+/-1s) and Numicon equipment (+/- 10).  Can you count on and back?  If having trouble +/- 10, why not use 10ps and 1ps to help you e.g. 23+10 (10p and 10p and 3 pennies, then +10p).


This week, Harvey and Amy were awarded certificates for perseverance and Riley G was voted Citizen of the Week. Jessica received Sportsperson of the Week. The Learner of the Week was Rowan for effort all week.  Rowan really tried hard to challenge himself and wasn't worried when making mistakes.  Well done!

TALK TOPIC for next Friday - Seasons

Picture 1 Collecting materials for our 3D art
Picture 2 3d art in groups
Picture 3 Star Learners of the Week
Picture 4 We all completed the Summer Reading Challenge

Term 1 Week 1

What an amazing start to Year 2.  Well done to all the children who read every day and earned lots of stars.  Those children who achieved 20 stars have been entered into our class 'Golden Book'.  In maths this week we revised comparing and ordering numbers to 100 using < > signs e.g. 56>18.  We also put numbers in order.  Can you recall pairs that total 10? (9+1, 8+2 etc...)  What about pairs that total 20? (19+1, 18+2) We have also learnt about the life cycle of a tree and discussed why trees are so important to 'Our World'. 

This week Rhianna was awarded 'Star Learner' for her effort during the week - I could have given this award to lots of you!

Rhianna didn't give up  when things got hard.  Also Luca and Ephram were awarded certificates for perseverance. They kept going after making mistakes and improved their work.  Remember it is important to make mistakes because this is how you learn.

Picture 1 Pairs that make 10 and 20
Picture 2 How can you make 20?
Picture 3 Measuring parts of a tree!
Picture 4 Using wool to help us measure around the trunk.
Picture 5 Can you name the parts of a tree?
Picture 6 Ordering numbers to 100