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Goodbye and Good Luck!

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the children of Year 6, USA Class this year.  They should be very proud of their outstanding accomplishments.  They have been hard working, kind and caring and are sure to go on to great success in the future where ever they go!  We will miss them!

Well done!

Our play was a great success this year thanks to all the hard work of the children - despite very warm conditions!  Here are a few photos taken during our dress rehearsal.

A Big Green Adventure

We are all looking forward to performing our play, A Big Green Adventure, for our parents and school friends.


Our dress rehearsal is on Tuesday 10th July and will be watched by Key Stage 1.  We will be performing to parents in the evening at 7, but children need to arrived in school at 6:30 so that they can get into costume.  Our final performance is on Wednesday 11th at 1:30.


We want to thank all our families for helping with the costumes and learning lines.  We hope you all enjoy the show which we have been working very hard on!


The Beacon

Despite the disappointment of our delayed arrival at the Beacon, our four days there were absolutely fantastic.  The children threw themselves into every activity, from cuddling a new-born lamb, to whizzing along the zip-wire across the valley.  They were an absolute delight to take away, enjoying every moment and being polite and well-behaved throughout.  One of the Beacon workers commented that our group was the nicest he had worked with in two and a half years - what a compliment!  Mr Bacon, Mrs Martinson and I all really enjoyed our time away and felt as sorry as the children did when it came to an end! 

World Book Day 2018

Thank you all so much for the tremendous costumes you arranged for World Book Day.  We had a fantastic time sharing our love of books.  Alongside a special afternoon where we met Dan Smith, a fantastic children's author, we enjoyed many reading-related activities on the day, including a quiz, reading with friends and younger children and exploring why we love reading so much!

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Term 3 reviewed

The children have all worked very hard this term and have produced some really interesting writing about our topic.  As well as writing biographies of Van Gogh, they have written their own versions of the traditional Russian folk story about the Firebird.  Once again we have had some excellent (and some tasty) home learning, many thanks to all the families who support their children with this important element of their learning.

In maths the children continue to develop their calculation strategies and have been also looking at decimals, fractions and exploring geometry.  Again, the extra time spent at home on home learning really does make a difference.  All the children have enjoyed our recent discovery of the BBC 'Supermovers' maths films, which are a fun way for children to learn new skills whilst keeping physically active.

We have also danced, played hockey, painted some super pictures and learnt about the science of sound.  In French we have been finding out how to describe our homes -ask for a demonstration, you will be surprised at how much they know!

As the term draws to an end, we are all looking forward to our residential week in Devon next term - here's hoping for a bit more sunshine so that we can admire the stunning sea views!

Thank you!

Thank you all so much for your generosity in supporting the Operation Christmas Child (Shoebox) Appeal and Children in Need.  With your help, we delivered 14 full shoe boxes from Frogwell.  The total raised by Children In Need has not yet been announced, but our wonderful School Council representatives, Megan and Rhys, did a great job at the cake sale, which raised over £75!

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Our visit to the Steam Museum

What a fantastic day we had at the 'We'll Meet Again' event on Wednesday 11th October.  The children took part in five workshops which covered different aspects of life during the War.  They found out what it felt like to be evacuated and to stand in line, wondering whether they would be chosen by any of the villagers in their host destination.  We all discovered how cramped and uncomfortable air-raid shelters were and how alarming it would have been to sit listening to the sound of bombs falling all around.  All in all, the children had an unforgettable experience!  Here is a selection of photographs taken on the day to give you a flavour of the event.

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Year 6 Residential:  The Beacon

We will be spending 5 days in beautiful North Devon in March.  The residential is a very important part of Year 6 where children learn to be more independent, more confident and will also have great fun.  This year we have been so lucky to get a booking at the Beacon, a very popular activity holiday centre.  Do send in your deposit money by the end of the first week of term to secure your child's place.  We are really hoping that every child will come this year!

1930s afternoon

Thank you so much for sending in such super outfits for your children.  They looked very authentic for our topic launch on Wednesday.  Please do keep their outfits as they will be needing them again as the term progresses!
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