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Term 3

Week 2

On Wednesday 16th January, Year 3 took part in a Roman Workshop with Mr Skelton from Chippenham Museum.  We saw a copy of a Roman bowl which was decorated with patterns and pictures.  We also had to put together a Roman vase which was very hard.  We found out that the Roman soldiers were covered in armour to protect themselves whereas the Celts just painted

themselves in something called Woad which acts like an antiseptic.

Eden has achieved the 15 club so now is on the 21 club. 

This weeks star learning is Corey for working hard with his learning especially in Maths where he likes a challenge.  We have started to do swimming as a class at Corsham and are  looking forward to improving our skills each week.  


Reported by Eden and Joe smiley                                                                                                 


Term 2

Week 7

What a busy end of term we had!  The Children enjoyed the Santa Run at Hardenhuish School, we had great fun running around the school field with our Santa hats and tinsel on.  Afterwards, we enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows.

All the children did really well at their end of term concert we were all so proud of their singing and the confidence that they showed performing in front of a packed church.  A special well done to Blake, Jessica, George and Callum for reading in the church and to Joe and Taylor B for playing their instruments. 

Santa Run

Santa Run 1
Santa Run 2
Santa Run 3
Santa Run 4
Santa Run 5
Santa Run 6

Week 4

We can not believe that it is Week 4 already! 

Our Star Leaning this week has been Eden, who was chosen because of her positive, hard working attitude that is always displayed in class. Well done Eden.  Well done also to Joe and Mya who have achieved their Club 15 Certificates.


Preparations for our end of term Carol Concert are well underway.  The children have brought home their song words for homework this week so that they can work on learning them.  They are enjoying learning and performing the carols, I am pleased with how hard they are all trying - keep it up.

Thank you to everyone for the contributions that you sent in for our FOFS Christmas Bazaar, it was lovely to see so many of the children attending the event too.  I hope they told Father Christmas how hard they are working.


In our learning, we have been working on writing a Non-chronological Report about 'Sustaining the Rainforest for the future' so that we can inform others about what an important habitat this is to our world.  In Maths we have moved on to a focus on 'Multiplication and Division' so this week we have been focussing on learning and using the 3 times table.  In Art, we have started our collages linked to our outside environment and in Science, we are continuing to learn about Solids, Liquids and Gases.

The Children have really been enjoying their D&T food focus work with Ms Reeves and Mrs Webb.  Last week they prepared and sampled their own healthy sandwiches.  This week they used the gas hobs to make flapjacks and honey cakes, delicious. smiley 


Next week we are looking forward to the 'Santa Cross Country Run' on Friday 7th December at Hardenhuish School.  The children should have brought home a letter to inform you and I will text out final details to clarify the dress arrangements for the day.  Fingers x the weather is dry and the event can go ahead as we had great fun last year.



Week 2

Well done to Jasmine for being selected as our Special Learning for her excellent attitude in our Maths learning.  Also well done to Taylor B who achieved his 20 entries in the Golden Book and also his 15 club certificate. indecision

What a busy week we have all had. It started with us wearing our odd socks to school to start off our Anti-bullying week.  We have spent time this week talking about the theme of Respect and how and why we should treat others with Respect.  In our class assembly time we worked collaboratively to produce a poem which we shared with the whole school in assembly.


Respect others in all you do and say.

Everyone can be different in their own way.

Speak up to a trusted adult.

Polite in how we speak to everyone.

End the disrespect to others.

Collaborate in your games.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

By Dick King-Smith afternoon class

Nov ‘18

We have also shared the STOP (Several Times on Purpose) to help us recognise bullying that needs to be reported straight away so that we can all help to stop it.  If you would like to find out anymore about what we have been learning or you have any concerns about your child pleased make us aware.  Thank you.


Life Van

We all enjoyed our visit to the Life Van where we met Harold again and helped him to solve a problem.  In our session we learnt about how to keep our bodies healthy and how important it is to think about how we can look after all our body parts as they work together.  Key messages included: eating a healthy diet, drinking lots of water, getting an adequate amount of sleep and restricting our time on the computer.



Life Van Photos

Life Van Photos 1
Life Van Photos 2
Life Van Photos 3
Life Van Photos 4
Life Van Photos 5
Life Van Photos 6
Life Van Photos 7
Life Van Photos 8

Week 1

What a busy 1st week we have had back at school. The children have settled in really well and are showing good concentration and effort with their learning. 

This week we have focussed on the festival of Diwali and have retold the story of Rama and Sita and have also learnt facts about how Hindus celebrate this festival.  In Maths, we are continuing to extend our addition and subtraction skills and are now working on adding and subtracting 2, 3-digit numbers with exchanging. We are all trying hard with this challenge.

Thank you for your support with homework and reading over the holidays. 

Well done to George, Callum, Jessica, Hugh, Taylor B, Blake, Alex for achieving their Bronze certificate in Mathletics, a very good achievement worthy of class merits.  A special well done to Hugh who achieved the most points - 2540!

Well done to Finley for gaining your Club 15 certificate in Maths.

Our Special Person for next week is Mya who has been really working hard with her learning and trying to give of her best in all tasks.

Next week is going to be another busy week.  It is national 'Anti-bullying Week' so we will be focussing on this area and discussing what strategies we can use to keep ourselves safe.  The theme this year is 'Choose Respect over Bullying'  Monday we are wearing odd socks to launch the week to remember that it is okay to be different.  We will also be discussing keeping safe on the internet by remembering our Computer Safety rules and guidance. 

On Wednesday morning, we will be visiting the Life Van to take part in a workshop called 'Meet the Brain.'  Harold will no doubt be there to help us. (Your child can explain who he is!) 

Friday there is a cake sale for Children in Need so any contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Term 1


Week 8

We have reached the end of our first term, a big well done to all children for settling well into Key Stage 2 and for working hard with their learning.  Thank you to all parents who attended parents evening, I enjoyed meeting you all.  Remember if there are any questions that you have about your child's learning I am here to help.


Congratulations to Madi, Callum, Dillan, Blake, Hugh, Joe, William who have been our Star Learners in Term 1.  What good role models you have been in our classroom.  Jessica is our Star Learner when we start back and I wonder who she will choose for Week 2?

As part of our maths fluency we have introduced the Club 66 in class which tests our quick recall of our times tables.  Congratulations to Blake, Hugh and Alex for achieving their Club 15 certificates this term.


We held class elections and our School Council Representative is Callum Detain and our Sports Council Representative is Taylor Bain.  Well done to these boys for taking on this role of responsibility for our class. 


We have really enjoyed our topic on 'The Sheep Pig' and have learnt lots of new vocabulary.  The children enjoyed writing their own adventure stories for Babe where he saved the day again!

To end our topic we watched the film 'Babe' and discussed similarities and differences between the book and the film.  


Week 6

We are continuing to enjoy reading the Sheep-Pig and discussing the new vocabulary that is used to describe the animals and the farm. We are in the process of planning our own adventure stories for Babe - 'Babe saves the day' or 'Babe to the rescue.'

In maths, we have been concentrating on developing our addition and subtraction strategies for 3 digit numbers.  We have been using the dienes apparatus to reinforce our visual understanding when exchanging in place value. When recording we have been showing the Real Story and the Maths Story. 

In Computers, we have been using a search engine to research facts about Farm animals which would live with Babe.  In Science, we have been on an observational walk around the school ground to look at changes and dangers in the environment which can impact on the animals and plants.

A big thank you to Taylor H for buying the class a book on his birthday for our book corner.  'The Guinness Book of Records 2019' has been a real hit already. 

We are really pleased with how hard the children have been working - lots of merits have already been received and golden book entries made. Keep it up.


Maths Learning

Maths Learning 1
Maths Learning 2
Maths Learning 3
Maths Learning 4
Maths Learning 5


Week 3

The children are enjoying our class book 'The Sheep-Pig' by Dick King-Smith our class author.

We have been looking in more detail at the characters and sharing what we know about their appearances and personalities from what we have read in the text.  We would like to have Babe the main character in the story in our class because he wants to learn, asks interesting questions and is always polite.  In Maths, we have been looking at the Place value of 3-digit numbers and comparing and ordering them.  We are now moving onto the Addition and Subtraction White Rose Units. 

The children complete weekly grammar lessons and so far this term we have been looking at nouns and reminding ourselves that Proper nouns begin with a Capital letter. e.g. Babe, Fly, Farmer Hogget.

The children have been looking really smart in their school uniforms and have been trying hard to remember their reading record books and water bottles on a daily basis and their homework on a weekly basis. Thank you for your support with this.

Now we are in Key Stage 2, the children are starting to learn French.  So far we have been working on our conversation skills: saying hello, goodbye and also how to tell people our name and our age.  I have been impressed with how willing the children are to have a go.