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House Points

Why did we decide to introduce a house system to Frogwell Primary School

There were many reason we decided to introduce a house system but first and foremost we wanted to strengthen the school’s community and encourage children to see themselves as part of a school family.

We also saw it as a chance for us to help children see that:

  • When we make good choices it can be good for everyone.

  • We can all be successful if we work hard and if we work together.

  • It is good to work with other people towards a goal.

  • When we make poor choices this can affect other people and that we are responsible to ourselves and others for the things we do.


We also saw a house system as a good way to organise events and activities throughout the year as we could group children together and they would always know which group they were in.


Why have we changed the way we organise lunches?

The reason we chose to use the house system to help organise lunches was because we wanted to encourage:

  • The older children to have more responsibilities and to see themselves as role models for younger pupils.

  • The older children to help younger children.

  • The younger children to see themselves as part of the school and to develop trusting relationships with the older children.

  • The idea that meal times are a social time and that we can use this time to unwind, talk to others and enjoy our meal.


At the moment lunch times are organised so that we share meals as houses on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Wednesday lunch is organised in year groups so that all children have the chance to have lunch with friends of their own age. Friday is a mixture of the two systems as there are lunch time sports clubs organised so some children eat lunch with their clubs.


What has been the impact so far?

  • It is very noticeable that there is a greater mixing between older and younger children. There are some very good examples of older children showing real care towards their younger children.

  • Children are very motivated by the house point system and want to do well. Children are working together to do well.

  • The older children have had more chances to take the lead and are seen to be rising to this challenge.

  • Peer mentoring is well established and Peer Mentors are being used to solve problems.

  • The rotation for lunches is now understood and children understand what they are doing each week.

  • We have noticed a reduction in pupil disagreements at lunch time.