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Home Learning

Please support your child as much as possible at home with their reading. We listen to the children read weekly in class where they can choose their own reading book with the help of an adult. Please encourage and support you child with their early reading skills such as turning the pages carefully in the book one at a time, starting from the beginning of the book, pointing to the words and the pictures as you read with them and asking questions about the pictures to develop their understanding.

We also visit the school library once a week where they can select a book to bring home and share with an adult at home. Please remember to use the yellow reading record to record the times where you child shares a book at home.


Please also remember to fill out a 'WOW' card and send it into school when your child does something fantastic at home and we can celebrate their success at school. These will also contribute to your child's Early Learning journal which we use in school to record all of the fantastic things your child does in school.