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Always Learning and Achieving Together


Welcome to France Class!

We are Year 2 children and our class teacher is called Mrs Snowden.  Our lovely teaching assistant is called Mrs Barnard. We all work hard and try our best.  We follow the school Golden Rules and make sure that we are kind to everyone.


We do PE on Mondays and Fridays but it is best if PE kits are kept in school for the whole term. That way we are able to do extra PE easily if we want to. Kits can then be taken home for a wash at half term.

Remember, school PE kit is:

  • plain white T-shirt
  • plain black shorts
  • daps or trainers
  • plain black joggers for outdoor PE in the colder weather
  • no earrings (please remove studs or provide tape to cover)


Please bring your reading book and record book into school every day and take it home again each evening. Part of the ongoing home learning is to read daily. It is really important for parents / carers / older siblings to hear children read as often as possible and talk about the book - this is still important even if the child is a fantastic fluent reader! Don't forget to keep track of your home reading in the book provided, as this will earn you your stickers on the chart and Golden Book entries! 


Keep an eye on our page for updates and information about our class.


Term 1

This term we are learning about 'Our World'.  We will be learning about Chippenham, the local area and the world!  This theme links closely with our work on eco schools and supports our work to maintain Green Flag status.  We will be thinking carefully about what WE can do to look after our world.  The learning power we are focusing on this term is perseverance.  We will try our best and never give up.

Term 2

This term out theme is called 'All Dressed Up' and we will be learning about clothes.  We will find out about work clothes, clothes around the world and also clothes that people wore in the past.  This term our assembly theme is 'Generosity' and we think about the joy of giving.  This fits in well with our shoe box appeal. We will continue to work on the learning power of perseverance and are using the 'comfort, stretch, panic' vocabulary to think about our learning.  We want to be in stretch to learn something new.

Term 3

This term our theme is The Big Bad Wolf!  We will be reading lots of traditional stories and writing our own versions of traditional stories. We will be focusing initially on the story of Little Red Riding Hood, learning this story and then writing our own versions.  We will describe characters and the setting.  Throughout our theme, we will be developing the learning power of co-operation.  We will work with partners and small groups, sharing ideas and taking on different team roles e.g. scribe or speaker.  Please refer to our curriculum map for Term 3 for further information.

Term 4

This term our theme is 'Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds'.  We will be learning about our body and how to keep our body fit and healthy.  We will name body parts, find out about the bits inside our bodies and also find out about medicine and hospitals in the past and today.  We will be visited by Nurse Patient and also by Mr Skelton from Chippenham Museum.  We will commence daily jogging to accumulate laps of the field.  Who will be the first to 5 miles?  Also, we will look at healthy eating. What a busy term it will be! France Class will continue developing perseverance and collaboration learning powers so that we have the learning power to succeed. Please refer to the Term 4 Curriculum Map for more detailed information.

Term 5

This term our theme is 'Amazing Animals'.  We will be finding out about animals around the world and the habitats that they live in.  We will write reports about different animals and also write our own Aesop Fable, based on the fable 'The Lion and the Mouse'. We will visit John Coles Park to find out more about the park habitat. In PE we will continue our work on agility, co-ordination and balance, developing early ball skills. Our theme for PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) is 'Relationships' and how we interact with other people. We will develop observational drawing skills by drawing a range of different animals and then making a clay sculpture of an animal.  France Class will continue building perseverance and collaboration learning powers throughout all work. Please refer to Term 5 curriculum map.

Term 6

This term our theme is 'We're Going on a Holiday', in preparation for our holiday to Braeside!  We are all very excited. We will plan our trip, find out about different holiday destinations and types of holiday - seaside and camping. We will learn how to put up a tent and also design our own amazing ice-cream.  We will be very talented at writing instructions.  In our PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) learning, we will be preparing for the changes that next year will bring, discussing our worries and wishes. Our collective worship whole school theme is 'courage'. Please refer to the Term 6 curriculum map for detailed information.