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Term 4

Week 1

We enjoyed our visit to the Chippenham Library today and the children were very sensible walking along the road.  At the library we enjoyed listening to 2 stories: 'The Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown' and 'Kitchen Disco'. We also played the alphabet game which involved us getting into alphabetical order by our surnames and we then repeated the game with a book of our choice.  Some of us have chosen library books to take home and read.

Remember the library is a free resource to use and has a range of interesting books for all interests.

The library is hopefully going to rearrange our visit to hear Anna Wilson share her books so we will be able to get our signed copies of her latest book then. I will let you know as soon as I know more details.


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Week 5

As half term approaches Canada class is working really hard, we now know lots more interesting facts about the Stone Age. This week we have been looking closely at the dwellings that they would have used and have identified the materials that would have been used to make them.

Also this week, we have been working on our story maps for the 'Stone Age Boy' story. We have read the story and are now using our maps as a basis for retelling the story. We have used lots of Makaton signs and even made our own actions to help us recall the story. It’s been great fun and it’s amazing to see how the actions help us to memorise information.

We have just finished our class book - 'Ug' and have now moved onto reading - 'Flat Stanley'. Maybe you remember reading this when you were a child?

Maths has been really interesting this week as it has been Mega Maths with a Stone Age theme.  We have been measuring and looking at shapes and right angles to design and make our own pendants.
Please keep helping your child learn their X tables.  We are moving on in our Maths learning, to look at multiplication and division of 2-digit by 1-digit numbers so our recall of our X tables is crucial to our understanding and calculation skills. 

In French we have been working with a French teacher from Hardenhuish Secondary School.  This is a very valuable experience for all the children and they have been enjoying learning the story of 'The Hungry Caterpillar.'  We have been impressed with their recall of the French vocabulary linked to the story.  Ask your child to share some of the French words for the food that the Hungry Caterpillar eats and see if you can guess which one they are saying.


In Science we have been focussing on identifying different types of rocks. This week we have been discussing how fossils and made and also looking at some that the children have brought in from their own discoveries.


Well done to Amy for going to the Heads Tea party and to Jessica for getting the Patience certificate for her Maths learning.

Week 4

It has been another busy week in Canada Class.  Mrs Farr is very happy to be working back in the classroom with us and has been impressed with how hard the children have been working and the progress that they have made, particularly with their writing.


The children are really working hard on learning their multiplication and have been very enthusiastic at learning their 4x and 8x tables and also noticing patterns, for example they are all even numbers. The children were also able to identify and explain more complicated patterns.

We have been learning how to use fronted adverbials in English and have been writing a postcard from someone who has travelled back into the Stone Age. The children have been listening to the story, 'The Stone Age Boy' to get their ideas. You can discuss with them whether they think it was a dream or if it really happened?

Homework support is much appreciated and it is good to see most children taking responsibility for completing and handing this in on time.

We are looking forward to seeing the 1st project task which is due on 19th February (Monday after half term).

If you need any advice or support with any homework tasks, then please ask us as we are always happy to help.

Our class plants have started flowering and we hope yours have too.  The children have taken great delight in telling us that theirs have grown taller!

Term 3: Week 3

January is coming to an end and In Canada class we are finding out some amazing and interesting facts about the Stone Age.

Children have been busy carrying out research through note taking from pages from a book. This has helped to give us a general understanding of the areas we will be looking at in more detail during our Stone Age Topic.  We are very impressed with how well they collaboratively carried out the task and presented their research to the class.

Well done to the children that achieved their 15 club and 21 club multiplication challenge that we do every Friday as part of our maths learning.
The 3x table is becoming secure so we are now moving onto the 4x table.
Keep practising 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x
Please ask you children to show you how to play the timestable game using a pack of playing cards. Can you beat their score?

Alongside learning timetables our maths learning focus is multiplication and division.

Well done to children who are consistent with doing their homework. Parent support is much appreciated and we also feel it helps as parents to have an idea of what’s going on in class. If any child is struggling with their homework our door is open to help you to help them.

The weather is cold, please make sure the children have a warm coat for break and lunchtime.

Also if the day is nice we will sometimes go outside for PE therefore outdoor kit is essential:

Black/navy hoodie
Navy jogging bottoms
White t-shirt
Plain black trainers

Lots exciting things coming up including a trip to the library to meet an Author at Chippenham Town Museum.  The children should have brought a letter home Friday that allows them to pre-order a signed copy of the book that will be shared with us at the event.

Regular home reading continues to be important to all children as the more that they read the better understanding and choice of vocabulary they have as writers.  We have a class incentive that is encouraging them, 4 times at home to an adult in a week will enable them to get a merit on their merit card.  Please can you support them with this by remembering to sign in their record books when they read.  Thank you for your support.

Term 3

We have launched our 'Scavengers and Settlers' topic with an interesting Workshop led by Andrew Skelton a historian from Chippenham Museum.  He introduced us to the Stone Age and brought in artefacts for the children to observe and ask questions about.  They also had a go at weaving. 

We are all looking forward to finding out more about this interesting period of history and have lots of exciting activities planned to gain first hand experiences for ourselves.  

Term 2 Project Homework

Thank you for all the home support that the children got with completing their project about a country.  We travelled all around the world as class and enjoyed hearing interesting facts about the different countries.  The children have improved in their presentation skills and seem to really enjoy standing up in front of the class to share their learning. Their personal confidences and speaking and listening skills are definitely improving.  They all enjoyed receiving golden book entries for their work and these were definitely deserved.

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End of term 2

It’s been business as usual in Canada class with a few added Christmas extras.

Our special visitor in class 'The Elf' has been creating mischief but also reminding us to do our learning.

Not only have children been writing diary entries as Max’s friend, they have also been learning how to use past and future tense in one piece of writing.

Adding and subtraction using the compact method is progressing well.

Can you please help and remind the children to keep learning their times tables. Work on learning  x2,x3, x4, x5, x10 and the related divisions. 

Those that need a challenge can start learning 6,7,8x tables.

We have been playing games in football to help improve our skills.

We have also been really lucky to have two trips to Hardenhuish for sporting activities. I’m sure the children have been excited to tell you.

As Y3s the children sang beautifully at Ladyfield Church especially as this was the first year as part of the main event.

We are looking forward to the class parties next week and the final week at school for 2017.

Week 4

Wow the last few weeks have flown by and the children are starting to get busy as the month of Christmas approaches.


We are learning some lovely Christmas songs to sing at the church (details to be announced soon and song words to come home Monday).


We have been improving and learning new football skills with Mr Kingwell this term. It is recommended that the children wear trainers for outside PE as daps get too wet. As its getting cold we suggest that children bring a plain black/blue hoodie style top and wear jogging bottoms.


We have been lucky to go swimming this term and the children are making steady progress.


Anti-bullying week led to some interesting class discussions and helped children define bullying and how we can stop it.


In the next few weeks children will start making crafts to sell at the Christmas Bazaar.


We are missing Mrs Farr who is currently off sick and the children have made her a lovely card. 


Next instalment of Canada class will follow shortly.

Term 2

We have had a really busy term so far and have been really trying hard with our learning. 

We have enjoyed a visit from the Life Van where we took part in a session called 'Meet the Brain.'  We got to meet Harold again and especially enjoyed hearing his 'Friends' song that we are now learning in class.  The children were praised for their enthusiasm and also the quality of their questions and answers.

The Life Van fits directly with the new PSHE Scheme that we are using called 'SCARF' We have a class floor book where we record our learning so please feel free to come into class and have a look.

Our Life Van Session

Our Life Van Session 1
Our Life Van Session 2
Our Life Van Session 3
Our Life Van Session 4
Our Life Van Session 5
Our Life Van Session 6

'Children in Need' - we enjoyed coming to school in our pyjamas and bringing our teddies as well. Thank you for all your contributions towards this worthwhile cause.

'Children in Need' - we enjoyed coming to school in our pyjamas and bringing our teddies as well.  Thank you for all your contributions towards this worthwhile cause. 1
'Children in Need' - we enjoyed coming to school in our pyjamas and bringing our teddies as well.  Thank you for all your contributions towards this worthwhile cause. 2

In Maths we have been using practical apparatus to support our understanding and vocabulary use in our Addition and Subtraction learning.

Next time you cross the road together make sure that they use their instructions to help you keep safe. Don't forget to use the imperative 'bossy' verbs and also the adverbs that we have been using in our writing.  Say your 'safety tip' as well for extra safety.

In our English learning we have had a focus on writing instructions about how to cross the road safely. This involved us practically going out to cross the road and the Zebra Crossing near school.

In our English learning we have had a focus on writing instructions about how to cross the road safely.  This involved us practically going out to cross the road and the Zebra Crossing near school. 1
In our English learning we have had a focus on writing instructions about how to cross the road safely.  This involved us practically going out to cross the road and the Zebra Crossing near school. 2
In our English learning we have had a focus on writing instructions about how to cross the road safely.  This involved us practically going out to cross the road and the Zebra Crossing near school. 3

Term 1

Canada Class has had a busy first term.  The children have been working hard and are settling in well to Key Stage 2. 

English learning has centred around 'The Hodgeheg' book with a focus on developing settings, characters and story plots.  The children worked hard to write their own innovated versions of the story which involved Max being bumped whilst crossing the road in a different way.

In Science, we researched the habitat, food and living conditions that hedgehogs need to survive in the wild. This involved us designing and making our own Hedgehog houses that we have placed in the school grounds.  Maybe some of them have hedgehogs using them now?

Healthy Eating has been a school  focus and has included a visit from Mike, the Healthy Me Coordinator and also a visit from the school dentist to encourage us to look after our teeth and choose more healthy snacks.  Hopefully you have been putting your toothbrush and toothpaste to good use.  We have been looking in detail at the 'Eatwell Plate' and worked in groups to plan healthy party food.  We will be continuing to promote more healthy food choices in term 2.

Maths learning has focussed on the areas of Place value and Addition and Subtraction.  We are now using the White Rose Resources to inform our planning which is encouraging the children to develop their problem solving and reasoning skills.  Fluency Friday is taking place weekly and the children are enjoying working on improving their number and table recall.

We have spent some time in our Geography learning finding out more about our country name Canada.  Your child should be able to tell you some key facts about the country as we spent time researching using an internet website.  We found out that 2 children in our class, Mckenzie and Logan have names which directly link to places in the country.  I wonder if they can tell you why?  


Thank you for all your support with the weekly homework it is appreciated.

We enjoyed sharing the book related home learning tasks that the children brought into school at the end of Term 1. 

The children showed good confidence when presenting these to the class and we were impressed with the time and effort that had gone into completing them.  These included pictures, posters, models, research and a power point presentation.  The children were rewarded with merits for their hard work.  


Welcome to Canada Class 2017 - 18.

Welcome to Canada Class 2017 - 18.  1

A warm welcome to Canada Class, Year 3. We hope you have all had an enjoyable summer break and are well rested and excited to start the new school year. 

We are really pleased to have the lovely teaching assistants Mrs Duncan, Mrs Gosal, Mrs Gostello and Mrs Barnard in our team during in the week. 

We are really looking forward to a fun year, with lots of new challenges and exciting things to learn.

Mrs Andrews and Mrs Farr