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Always Learning and Achieving Together


This term's assemblies have had the focus of "Patience". Through the weekly whole school assembly, class assembly and any visitor assemblies we hope to develop this value in our children.

All assemblies are supported by stories and where appropriate film and songs.

Please view each assembly and encourage your child to remember what the story was and also talk about some of the questions I have posed to the children.


In our first assembly of the term we thought about the importance of working and listening to others to reach our dreams (and solve problems).

Our second assembly theme encouraged the children to see the importance of not giving up and even when we have knock backs it is important to keep trying.

We thought about the female boxer Katie Taylor and the scientist Thomas Edison. Both of these people had set backs in their lives but kept on trying. In the end they were able to overcome their difficulties.

In our third assembly, the children thought about the importance of having patience as we take steps towards achieving our dream.

The Chinese Bamboo Story was used to illustrate this.

The children were challenged to see each day as a step towards achieving their goals. Sometimes it is hard to see the importance of the many small steps in our journeys. It is however the small steps that lay the foundations for our successes.

Assembly 2 film and video

Still image for this video
The children watched the Katie Taylor training and the determination and practice that is needed for her success.

Great Innovators_ _Thomas Edison and the Light Bulb__ by StoryBots (1).mp4

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In their class assemblies the children found out about Thomas Edison.

Sesame Street do Growth Mindset.mp4

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...and learnt about having a growth mindset.

Assembly 3 - film and video

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In Assembly 3 the children experienced time for 5 minutes.

How fast can Bamboo Grow_.mp4

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They saw the wonder that is bamboo growing.

The Chinese Bamboo Story.mp4

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This story was told to the children as part of the whole school assembly. It was adapted for the children but can be heard through this short video.